Press for Champagne, I turned 22 today!

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 Fact of the day: I turned 22 today! :) Yup, It's official - I'm getting old...  Sounds almost 
unreal, am I right?  Anyways- I am more than ready for another wonderful "356  days" 
circle in this beautiful world. Cheers, my dears! :)
I am not the same individual I was a year ago, a month ago or even a week ago... This is
 the reason I decided to make a short "highlights" of the month post every now and then.
 And *tadadam* here is the first one: January 2014 in favorite links, blog & fashion 
crushes, good music, retro movies, Instagram photos and much more... 
I truly feel in love with the concept of this blog... It's brilliant, clap clap young lady. The style rookie.
Web Fashionland- this place is Heaven for inspiration. They all hate us!
Tumblr's number one source for Chanel. Peacelovechanel!
My latest  fashion crush: lace,white as snow. #dreamy
+ Some of my "home decor" photo crushes. Lovely, huh?
As you already know I am crazy about interior design. This is the reason I made this cute 
"home decor" mix with some pretty cool shopping ideas...#MYWISHLIST  ;) 

And least but not last... List of  web links you should visit and other lovely things I loved in 
January. :) First of all: Artic Monkeys - AM ( Full album) - I just can't get enough of it! :)
Movies I enjoyed watching: About time (lovely & romantic, a bit dreamy as well), The wolf 
of Wall Street ( Bitter sweet movie but I loved it! The most brilliant comedic performance of 
Leonardo DiCaprio's career if you ask me.) Long term 12  (It left me speechless ).

P.S. Thumbs up for a short clip about my favorite Facebook page with concept:
 Humans of New York.  TEDtalk worth watching it: How do YOU define yourself?
Čas beži. Trudim se, da beži z menoj in ne mimo mene... V ritmu mojega vsakdana in v 
sorazmerju z vsemi mojimi načrti za prihodnost. Leta so samo številka, definirajo nas 
izkušnje in spomini. Upam, da jih bo v dvaindvajsetem kar se da veliko... Tistih lepih,
 nepozabnih- predvsem pa norih in navdahnjenih z mladostno energijo. :)

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  1. Vse najboljse in naj bo naslednje leto tako cudovito kot tvoj blog! :)*

  2. čudovit blog in še enkrat vse najboljše. :D tole pesem sem danes poslušala in mislim, da je primerna dnevu. ;) lepo praznuj!*

    1. Haaaa kok pa dobr!! :) Najlepša hvala res :*

  3. Maja, vse najboljše in najlepše :)! Na še več luškastih in cool postov, na kreativo in rast :)! Pa oh, 22, kok si še mladaaaa :P!!!
    Lepo praznuj!


    1. Juj Gita najlepša hvala!** :) P.s. Haha joj ej men se zdi pa že kr lepa cifra... Tok grejo hiro leta! :D

  4. Vse najlepše in uspešno še naprej :) Še veliko navdihujočih objav in dih jemajočih fotografij! Lepo praznuj*

  5. mladiček :)

    še eno lepo leto ti želim!

  6. vse najlepše bejba! činčin =)*

  7. Vse najboljše še z moje strani... Lahko komot za vsaki mesec narediš podoben highlight, ker je res zanimivo za ušesa in oči :P

    1. Hvala Evelina :) I will, me veseli da ti je všeč :)

  8. Z mal zamude vse najboljše in najlepše!* Tvoj blog je itak vedno najboljši<3

  9. Najlepša hvala, si mi polepšala dan s temle komentarčkom :):)

  10. Really lovely post! I love your instagram photos and am also a huge fan of interior design. Will have to look into your film recommendations as well. I never really got into the Arctic Monkeys - not that I listened to them and didn't like them, I just have never really listened to them, but maybe now I will take a look!

    rae from lovefromberlin

  11. happy belated bday hun ! <3

  12. Vse najboljše (za nazaj)!
    Drugače pa bela čipka - omg..

  13. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you pressed that button all day long :-)

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets

  14. super všeč mi je tvoj blog :))