Pack your bags Honey, we're going to Hell...

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Hectic days- I'm running around 24 hours per day, super busy, but not always productive... Work,
college books, gym & 132155 other things on "to do" list. But I actually like it this way.  I am rather
 busy as hell right now cuz this Summer will be nothing less than awesome. :) So yup, I'm a good Bee.
Anyways,  here's another outfit of the day - it's actually very similar to the look from my previous
post... I just changed the jacket and add this big "retro" sunglasses for more formal look & a touch of
glamour.  Which one do you like more?  I'm curious to know... xx

(Wearing: Montego blouse, Zara skirt, dr Martens boots, vintage oversized green blazer,
Forever 21 necklace, Topshop bracelet- Photos: the one & only, Nejc K. )


I don't care about Louis, Coco & Karl...

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Retro red lips are chic, black n white stripes are quite cool & gold chain can be a cherry on top... 
Get fancy for Winter with London-inspired look! :) Streets are my inspiration & fashion my passion.
Today's look is a funny mix of different materials & ironic bag... Le love!  You know how it goes-
 my Chanel suit is at the cleaners and my other bags are Prada... ;)

(Wearing: Montego blouse, Zara skirt, dr Martens boots, vintage oversized denim jacket,
 Review bag, Forever 21 necklace, Topshop bracelet- Photos: the one & only, Nejc K. )

p.s. Few other "funny bag" examples & song of the day: We are in love - Cider Sky


Magazine cover: Edgy leather jacket.

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People often ask me what's my dream job. Hah, one of those big questions - I have thousands of 
unrealistic "when-I-grow-up" ideas. But well, working for a fashion magazine was always one of my 
biggest wishes... So, here it is- "how to style" post with leather jackets in a little bit different version. I
 hope that one day I'll make hundreds of outfits for a real magazine... Keep your fingers crossed! :)


Anything could happen..

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I would like to know how to sew THE dress from my dreams, travel to nyc, use a photoshop like a
 professional, have 50mm lens & much more... Yup, I have more wishes than the sky stars. :) But you
know what they say- journey is more important than destination... And all those little wishes are even
more sweet when we are waiting on this magical moment called "a dream came true". :) See this pretty
 glass container with thin pink bow on the first picture ? Yeah? This is my so called dreamcatcher - a
gift from one of my truly great friends. I write all wonderful things I did & all secret wishes I have on
blank paper and put it in with a big smile on my face & hope in my heart. It's time to stop making
excuses...Right now I'm cheeking my dressmaking book, preparing new DIY post & drinking Tea
from the most cute cup ever... There is no elevator to success & now I clearly know that I'll have to
take the stairs on the way to my dream dress... See you soon, have fun till then! ;) xx

Read. Write. Sleep. Dream. Live. Love. Ellie Goulding - Anything could happen


This girl is on fire...

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Gray days without inspiration... We all have them sometimes, don't we? And those minutes without
passion are the worst thing ever. But you know what they say- when there is nothing left to burn you 
have to set yourself on fire... Pretend that you are a very special 007 agent with even more special
mission... And your mission is to document and observe the world around you as if you've never seen
it before. Collect things. Take notes. Travel a lot... Things like that. Grow as a person. My head is full
of rainbow ideas right now but my looks are kinda "boring"... Black is back! In fact, black never left...

Black tones, leather details, red lipstick & dr. Martens boots... Simple, yet effective. :)

And your eyes can make me swim... Chet Faker - I'm into you


Don't look back, you're not going that way...

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"Today has been cancelled, go back to bed!" Hah, just a silly joke... But oh gosh, I wish I could spend
more time under my pillow doing...well, nothing with big N. :) Tea, good music, a nice read, soft lips,
old photos, your smile... Cheers to the happy things! Cheers to the peaceful moments of silence that
makes me feel alive... But hey. one loud "stop" to daydreaming - it's time to go back to reality! Life is
quite funny, isn't it? Just when you think you've got all figured out, just when you get excited about
something and feel like you know what direction you're heading in, the wind blows the other way...
North is suddenly south and east is west and well... You're lost. And my oh my- I was always so
freaking scared of getting lost...  I hated unknown buses, ways & situations to death. But during the
adolescence I realized that sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself...  And that's what I'm
doing right now- swiming with the flow... Just trying different styles, tasting different foods & 
focusing on being happy. :) I'm gonna make the rest of my life the best of my life...:) 

(wearing: vintage jumper & coat, dr. Martens boots, forever 21 leather leggigs, no name cap)

You've got to shake it off, make it loud, dance it off, let it out... New Wave Syria - Let it out


How to style: Burgundy & black.

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Days go by and let's admit it- we all miss more outfit posts on my blog... Excusez-moi, my dears-  I'm
 such a terrible "fashion" blogger when it comes to posting my looks. Truly! I don't know how but I 
always find at least five hundred excuses why it's impossible to take some good photos and just act like 
all these "Ihaveafashionblog" girls do. But well, I'll try. In the worst case I'll buy stand for my camera
 and create some posts against a white wall, deal? :) But hey, we'll see- here's another "how to style" post...

I decided to make 5 different looks based on two colors: burgundy & black a.k.a. my top FAV. colors 
this Winter. :) I also added some white, gold & silver details for cherry on top. :) First look represents 
something between edgy lady &classy diva. Edgy leather jacket, dark lips & sexy smell mixed with 
pretty black top. And of course-let's not forget on this amazing studded hat... :)

Bang bang, my baby shoot me down...with this look! :) The most urban outfit if you ask me a.k.a. 
timeless black'n'white meets trendy burgundy. :) And my oh my, I just love these pair of shoes!

Party look = when the night comes & you need to impress your so called prince Charming... Unique &
 FAB heels for unique Cinderella! :) And let's not forget on cherry lips for sweet kisses! :)

Very clean look based on timeless black... I just love cozy jumpers in combination with leather leggings 
& gold watch. (Michael Kors is still on my wishlist! :)) And oh, Hunter boots too... :)

I don't know why but this look reminds me of London... Well, probably the main reason for this hides 
in this awesome BOY London jumper... (another piece on my wishlist, haha!) :)

That's it for today- I hope you enjoy my "how to style" post after a long time & I'll be more 
than glad to hear what you think. :) Any wishes for my next one?  Just write below...

p.s. You wanna get young but you're just getting older... And you had a fun Summer but it's
 suddenly colder. One of my favorite bands: The Vaccines - Family Friend


DIY: Marilyn Monroe jewelry box.

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We live in a world when almost everything can be bought and sold...  But as you know I'm a weirdo 
who loves unique things more than chocolate... Ou man, that sounds like a huge love, am I right? :) 
Anyways- DIY projects are quite awesome - to step out of the crowd and create something special...

I was dreaming about classy & useful jewelry box for ages and guess what? I finally get it! A while 
ago I bought a wooden box in the art shop & this weekend I luckily had some extra energy for creating 
something useful... 2012 is soooo last year but my Marilyn Monroe calendar full of wonderful photos is
way too pretty for "throw-it-away" land... So,anyone interested in what I did? Well, let's just pretend 
that you are all dying to know every little detail about my latest DIY project, shall we? :)

Unfortunately I have to disappoint you...  There was no magic included. It was so freaking' easy that's 
almost ridiculous. Truly. I just chose my favorite photo from the calendar, put it on the box and 
pimped it with some shiny mirrors. It's nothing special at all but I love the final result... :)

"So tell me why we're talking when we dance so good?"

Still can't get enough of this song, thanks E. ! :) Dance so good - Wakey Wakey


Sunday smoothie corner...

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First of all- sorry for my absence this week...I've been way to busy to write anything worth reading.
But a little break from the blogging is always the best medicine for inspiration & better motivation... 
So here I am- back in the game, ready to rock the stage... Or better said- my today's post... :)

You know, I never was a "size 0" kind of girl... Never. And let's get used to it- I probably never will be 
skinny like Kate Moss...  (At least if i'm planning to eat - like normal people do & most of the girls 
nowadays don't.)  And don't get me wrong - sometimes I'm still dreaming about Victoria Secret body 
(especially during the Summer) but deep inside I know it's never going to happen... But hey- maybe I'll 
never look half as good as Alessandra Ambrosio in extra mini bikinis but I'm planning to be in top 
forme this year. And I'll be. On my list are: active life, healthy food & positive mood. In the beginning 
of this Summer I want to be able to say: "I did it!" I have this simple little goal: I want to be proud of 
myself. I believe that good things come to those who work their asses of and never give up...:)

You are what you eat. Every 35 days your skin replaces itselfs ... Your body make
 new cells from the food you eat... So, in short: what you eat literally becomes you. 

Smoothie "Club Tropicana":  I decided to give it a shot & from now on I'm starting my days with 
vitamin bomb a.k.a. fresh homemade smoothies. I actually just put all the fruits that we have at home in 
the blender and tarara- the magic is here... :) But let's make this "healthy story" a bit more fun with a 
simple and useful recipes on my blog... :) The first yummy vitamin bomb I made this week was made 
of bananas, kiwis, plain yogurt, fresh orange juice & ground hazelnuts... If you want you can also add
 a whipped cream or honey to create a little bit more "strong" smoothie.

Smoothie "Lift me up": This is actually a recipe from my cousin but I have to share it with you 
cuz' I loved the taste... You need to mix 3 bananas, 2 persimmon, orange juice, soy milk or plain yogurt 
and if you want you can also add a a little bit of peanut butter. :)

So, this is it for today! :) Have a wonderful Sunday :* Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning


10 blogs you should visit...

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The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do... True or false?True! 
Last year I lost myself somewhere along the way in a big lazy bubble, but it's about the time to 
wake up, make a change and begin with the small, baby steps that will hopefully lead me to 
success... I know I can make this little blog of mine much better & here are 10 lovely girls that 
inspires me day-to-day. So, 10 blogs that you'll be glad you read- this is my promise to you. :)

The one and only- Kerti, the loveliest girl in the world a.k.a. 22-year-old fashion design 
student & photographer with truly unique style from Tartu, Estonia.  She's my biggest 
inspiration when it comes to shooting and trust me- her posts are always so full of magic 
moments captured in photos... In short: her blog is amazing & I hope I'll take my 
Dreamland at this level someday- keep your fingers crossed, haha! :)

Dreamy blog written by Juule Kay - a 19 year old dreamer from Germany who loves old 
nostalgic coffeshops, drinking tea, vintage things, old pictures & much much more. Truly 
pretty girl with a passion for photography, design and art who fell in love with everything 
that´s studded. Well, I fell in love with her awesome style and cute posts. :)

Another cute girl-  Bonnie Barton -23 year old vintage lover with big talent = finding beauty in
 everything. I truly like her retro-vintage looks, red lipstick & photo effects. <3

Now I'm talking about fashion and style blog scattered with beauty, music, cooking and 
current trends. Place for all crazy adventures of a girl called Olivia... This girl is  breathtaking 
in so many ways that's almost unbelievable... Cheek it out & you won't regret it. :) 

22-year old Carrie  moved to London a few years ago... You know how much I love London &
 vintage stuffs right? Well, one thing is for sure- WishWishWish is full of at least two of my 
favorite things... And my oh my, this girl truly knows how to use camera & make drop dead 
gorgeous photos. Dear Carrie, you've left me speechless with your talent... ;)

Meet Chantal, the lovely creator of the blog Cocorosa - a blog where this magnificent woman 
collect and post her daily inspirations, style musings and outfits. Blondie with a great love for 
fashion, styling and photography who's working as freelance fashion designer and trend 
forecaster...  In short: she's something special & oh,I truly loved her posts like:
 top-10-fashion-blogger-homestop-10-fashion-blogger-closets & 

This girl makes me smile with everything she writes... I mean, truly- her writing talent is so-oh 
noticeable & her girly-vintage style so-oh unique...  I don't know why, but she seems like the 
kindest, bravest & most wonderful girl ever. Well,  I would love to invite her for a cup of 
coffee or two... Wanna go, Weronika? :) 

In short: Tres chic french bolgger... Pretty face mixed with awesome style is formula
 for success... And my oh my, all those pretty photos. <3

ID card: Marianna, 22 years old , living in Helsinki... Actually, one of the first bloggers I added
 on my "fallowing list". She's a girl with many "blogging prizes" & that little "x factor" that
 makes you wanna be like her. Besides that- she's already have her own clothing collection:
ALIVE- Bik Bok by Marianna. <3 Something to be proud of, huh? :)

The last but not least... Blog by Anouska Proetta Brandon began as a simple place to share her 
personal style & turned into a career in the fashion industry. Lucky girl! Her style is so "me" &
I'm more than sure that you'll love it too. :) Well, just cheek it out & tell me. ;)

Well, this is the end... As you know I fallow many truly good blogs, but I hope you'll loved my today's 
list as much as I do... Be sure to tell me what you think and post a coment with links of your fav. 
blogs. Have fun, sunshines! :) xoxo  OneRepublic - Secrets


A simple hello could lead to a million things...

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First "Hello". Fresh start of something new... Shy smiles, sparkling eyes & dreamy head. Ha, it's 
funny how many stories can start with one simple world... It's funny that a simple "hello" could 
lead to a million things. I kinda miss those first impressions, I kinda miss the "little miss naive".  I've 
been dancing with myself for such a long time now, but after years of "teenage meets drama" now I 
clearly know that I'd rather be alone on my own, than have someone who makes me feel alone. So 
Here I am, hiding behind large glasses, wearing my favorite red coat and always talking too much...

(wearing: Tom Tailor Cap, Waillis red coat, Zara skirt, H&M white knitted jumper, Ray Ban glasses,
second hand bag, no name leather black boots. Photos: thanks to ANA )

Setting fire to our insides for fun, to distract our hearts from ever missing them... Youth - Daughter