The best is yet to come...

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I have a few things left on my "learning" list but well- this shall pass too. Summer's in the city, fresh flowers on
 the table & I'm full of plans. Yup darlings- I'm back to life, I'm back to blogging. :) I decided I'll give my 
best between my Summer holidays and I truly hope I'll  improve my blog step by step. And as I always say- 
dream it, wish it, do it. So, some exciting news: I'm working on a super cute project with one of the most 
talented designers, my extra stylish friend offered me help with outfit posts during the Summer (= hurray, 
you'll see more of my everyday looks right here, on Dreamland)  and I'm thinking about a page meakover.
 In short: many things are coming up & I just can't wait to tell you more about everything. :)
Srečna. Ker je sonce. In ker počasi le vdihujem svobodo in pristnost vročih poletnih dni... 

Less than month till Portugal... Summer Heart- I wanna go

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  1. everything looks so delicious <3

  2. Your photos make every single thing look even more delicious!

  3. You are comming to Portugal? Oh my god!