DIY: Quotes book.

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 Do you still remember my DIY jewelry box project? Well, I'm just going to watch One week with
 Marilyn now & here's the second useful thing I create with my old 2012 M.M. calendar... Boring 
silver book became a beautiful planner -my so so called "dream catcher". Book full of quotes, plans & 
my secret desires. Note to myself: Work smarter. Not harder. <3 

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  1. I love Monro, she is gorgeous!!! Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. kok stari koledarji pridejo handy ane? ;) lepo si preuredila blokec :) xx

  3. The Lipstick looks Great !

    Love Storm

  4. Such a clever way to use old calenders! All these pictures are amazing <3 I really love your blog and Im following now :)x
    Sofia x

  5. Marilyn..she's sooo amazing!!<3 love her<3