DIY: Hot pink shirt with pearls.

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Yup, I know- we're still in the middle of the Winter but I just can't help myself... I want Summer so
 freaking bad! Tanned skin, cold cocktails & no worries? Yes, please! :) You know me- I'm a dreamer
but I bet I'm not the only one in the " Summer lovin' " club, am I? :) Anyways, here is another easy-
breezy-beautiful "homemade project"... Perfect DIY makeover for long hot nights full of unforgettable
moments... I can't wait to wear it in combination with high skirt and even higher heels. :)

Oldies goldies... Grease - Summer nights

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  1. Pridružim se klubu! :)
    Lepo si naredila :) x

  2. sooo cute. Luštno si naredila. :)

  3. oh poletje, js ga tud pogrešam! :) ful lepa majčka <3

  4. Thats suchh a pretty DIY! I love the shirt before you even put the beads on it but its extr pretty with them! :)X
    Sofia x

  5. very nice!
    kisses from milano

  6. I dream about summer all the time! :))
    Hud DIY! :))

  7. I can't wait summer to come!
    Good idea for diy

  8. cool, thank you so much for all the comments that you have been send me. I appreciate a lot! :)