How to style: Burgundy & black.

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Days go by and let's admit it- we all miss more outfit posts on my blog... Excusez-moi, my dears-  I'm
 such a terrible "fashion" blogger when it comes to posting my looks. Truly! I don't know how but I 
always find at least five hundred excuses why it's impossible to take some good photos and just act like 
all these "Ihaveafashionblog" girls do. But well, I'll try. In the worst case I'll buy stand for my camera
 and create some posts against a white wall, deal? :) But hey, we'll see- here's another "how to style" post...

I decided to make 5 different looks based on two colors: burgundy & black a.k.a. my top FAV. colors 
this Winter. :) I also added some white, gold & silver details for cherry on top. :) First look represents 
something between edgy lady &classy diva. Edgy leather jacket, dark lips & sexy smell mixed with 
pretty black top. And of course-let's not forget on this amazing studded hat... :)

Bang bang, my baby shoot me down...with this look! :) The most urban outfit if you ask me a.k.a. 
timeless black'n'white meets trendy burgundy. :) And my oh my, I just love these pair of shoes!

Party look = when the night comes & you need to impress your so called prince Charming... Unique &
 FAB heels for unique Cinderella! :) And let's not forget on cherry lips for sweet kisses! :)

Very clean look based on timeless black... I just love cozy jumpers in combination with leather leggings 
& gold watch. (Michael Kors is still on my wishlist! :)) And oh, Hunter boots too... :)

I don't know why but this look reminds me of London... Well, probably the main reason for this hides 
in this awesome BOY London jumper... (another piece on my wishlist, haha!) :)

That's it for today- I hope you enjoy my "how to style" post after a long time & I'll be more 
than glad to hear what you think. :) Any wishes for my next one?  Just write below...

p.s. You wanna get young but you're just getting older... And you had a fun Summer but it's
 suddenly colder. One of my favorite bands: The Vaccines - Family Friend

16 komentarjev:

  1. super kombinacije. in to v barvah, ki jo imam to sezono najraje. ;)

    xoxo, Nina

  2. Awesome, dobr sem si napasla oči na vseh kombinacijah! :) <3


  3. such amazing outfits!!! I love the bag in the second to last one, where is it from? and the sweater!! is there any way to find out where all these amazing threads are from?? :)xoxo

  4. waaa, hude kombinacije :D
    in te čist razumem glede opstanja outfitov, tut jz veedno najdem sto izgovorov zakaj se nebi fotkala, pol pa ko bi se, pa ni nobenga da bi me :D
    Xoxo, Peppi

  5. If there's one colour combination I wear too much of, it's burgundy and black! So you've given me some lovely outfit ideas :)


  6. Amazing! i like them all

    xx Mounia

  7. Amazing!!!!!

  8. Woow, po mojem bi vse oblekla razen druge (pa še to zaradi čevljev).

  9. Love these boards. Great combinations.

  10. woah burgundy + black is very good combo! like it.

  11. upam, da študiraš kej z modo povezan :D

  12. Great post dear, your blog is amazing!
    Love, Anna

  13. odlicni stylingi!
    ne morem se odlocit kateri je moj favorit, kr vsi <3

    xo I.

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