Pastel dreams...

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Here it is, the last day of November... By by foggy, depressive mornings & hello bright christmas lights. Yup,
 you heard it right - Christmas spirit is finally legall & I actually have to admit that this month wasn't so bad,..
I watched some pretty awesome movies on film festival LIFE,  tried the best slow-food diner ever, bought a
 ticket for uber-cool Christmas day in Vienna & a lot more...  As they say- life's what you make it. :)

 From left to right, November review : 1. Autumn walks.  2. Top favorite hair-style for lazy days:
messy bun.  3. Cozy days with chocolate drinks and magazines. 4. Beautiful forest (near my house). 
5. Truly delicious white coffee with vanilla in one of my fav. coffee bars in city center. 6. My fabulous
 fluffy black cat posing with the tongue, how cool is that hahh? :) 7. Big fan of candles. <3 8. Duck
face a.k.a. typical girly & wtf behavior.9. My dear friend Ana (when she came home from Paris for a
 couple of days)  10. My brother is a genius guitar player = concerts in my room are the best. :) 
11. Drink, drank, drunk - one crazy Friday in November. 12. My super cute keychain. 13. Me & my
 friend Trish- blowing kisses in the wind. 14. Enjoing one of many, many movie nights in November.
  15. One of the UK magazines, I loved the make-up. 16. And least but not last...motto to live by: Think
 good thoughts. <3 Enjoy your Friday & drink glass or two of yummy mulled wine, cheers. :) xx

An' no one's really sure who's lettin' go today, walking away... Guns N' Roses - November Rain


Fight off your demons...

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Do you ever feel like you were born into the wrong time? Well, It would be über cool to meet pop art 
genius Andy Warhol, have breakfast at Tiffany's with old divas, drink cup of coffee with Marilyn and
dress up like Edie Sedgwick... If you didn't watch movie about her life yet you should download it right
now and watch it, it's one of my favorites. :) Good night,  sleep tight. Cat Power - Wonderwall

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."
- Andy Warhol 


Fall seven times, stand up eight...

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Some days I feel like the person I'm supposed to be, and then some days I turn into no one at all... 
Some days I feel a thousand different emotions all at once & other days I'm nothing but numb. 
November is always a quite tricky month for me, but I guess we all have those "life's a rollercoaster"
moments, don't we? :) The thing I love about fashion is that you can wake up every morning and 
choose who you want to be... Dressing up is like creating a story. From pretty flower-power dresses 
to cozy black jumpers, from formal to casual... I spent this sunny Sunday with my brother, fooling 
around the town & having fun with his old skate. I was & I still am terribly awful in this boysh Über-
cool sport. Anyways, enjoy this easy-going Sunday look &  be sure to tell me what you think. :)

(photos:the one & only Nejc Kovač. wearing: Volcom cap, H & M skirt, scarf, jumper)

 Here's a piece of advice: Never put your happiness in someone elses hands...  The Strokes - You only live once


In Vogue we trust...

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Two glasses of wine, Summer memories & loud laughter...Friday, Friday...Can't trust that day. :) 
Tonight I would love to wear this wild chic look: skinny jeans, fluffy pink fur, awesome Vogue shirt & 
drop dead gorgeous accessories. But well, after a mini high school university "meeting" I'll probably 
just stay at home and have fun with my friends. Comfortable PJ’s, cup of tea (or something stronger), 
candles and a movie… Yup, living room picnic on a Friday night. I truly looove these cozy nights in a 
good company, far away from reality. Raise your glass & shine bright like a diamond... 
 Rihanna - Diamonds  When you hold me, I’m alive.


Girl crush.

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It should be illegal to look this good! The one and only, Angelica Blick, my biggest style crush...

I know, I already wrote about her... But I just made this pretty inspirational mix of her looks & I hope
you'll like it as much as I do. This girl truly knows how to dress up and create a classy-street style look.

P.s. Games, changes and fears... Can't get enough of this song. <3 Macy Gray - I try


How to style: Summer dress in Fall/ Winter...

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In one of my previous "how to style" posts I was asked to make looks with one flower printed piece of 
clothing and mix it with Fall/Winter wardrobe. Challenge accepted! :) Have you ever heard for the 
phrase "layered clothing"? Yes? I bet you did. I'm a weird kind of girl who wears Summer dresses in 
the middle of December and layering clothes is my biiiiig& smart solution, a great way to look chic and 
warm. I choose this pretty & quite girly Summer dress to show you my outfit transformations...

As first- bare legs can look sooo good & fashionable in the winter issue of your favorite stylish 
magazine... But we live in reality and excuse moi girls, bare legs in the middle of the cold Winter can 
quickly look really cheap.( Not sexy (!!!) like most of the young girls think!) So, rule number one:
 use your black tights/ leggings & make sure you don't look like a half-naked Playboy bunny when you 
wear short skirts and dresses in the cold times. Anyways, trendy look is trendy look - loss of words, if 
you ask me. Studs, burgundy, oversized sweaters etc... Haha, as you've probably noticed you can 
always use the same boring "trendy" forml... Mixing the right "hot" trends, that's all.

Well, this look is very, very "me". Pretty dress mixed with black hat, electric blue sweater and Oxford 
shoes, what more can I wish? (if I don't count Über-pretty Douglas Booth, haha :D)

"Bad" chic is quite popular in fashion industry lately, "bad" is the new "kind"... I'm more than obsessed 
with doc Martens boots, leather goods and statement necklaces, so big "YAY" for this edgy trend. 
Parapapapa I'm lovin it...And you? :) They said: " Good girls love bad boys." Huh, in 2012 good boys 
love "bad", stylish girls. Remember:“Stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out.”

Between lady and girly, between trendy and "old school"... Mixing what's in with something that's 
already out? Yup, something like that. More & more popular Marc Jacobs watch can look truly 
awesome in combination with black "lady" poncho, wedge boots and red nails.

P.S. That's all for today, good night. <3 Coldplay - Yellow


Healthy is the new happy...

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Super busy days,  lack of time & unhealthy food... More than enough reasons to feel like a crap. Gosh,
I haven't run for ages & my middle name probably turned into a "couch potato". I need a change, a
healthy change! Everyday is a new beginning & I promised to myself that I'll  start to live a healthier
life. Nop, not tomorrow, today. Drinking more water, exerciseing (much more),avoiding sugar and
stuffs like that... So, whos with me on my healthy journey ? :) Raise your hands, sugars! :)

P.s. Here is my first super easy recipe for delicious & healthy breakfast/ snack... All you need to do is
 mix a yogurt, fresh fruit (like nectarine,banana,plum,etc... ), muesli & nuts. Bon appetit! XOXO

Come on skinny love, what happened here?   Chilly... Bon Iver - Skinny love


Girl with the black hat...

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Time flies, people come and people go, dreams change & I'm growing up...slowly. Three diaries full of 
thoughts, memories like the pages of my mind. Every year I look back on myself and realize what a freak I 
was... Every year I look back and say, "Wow, this year went by too fast!". And I still find it interesting that  
some things will never change no matter how old I am. My love for black hats, for example. XOXO

" I've learnd that things change... And it dosen't mean you forget the past or you try to cover it up. It 
simply means that youmove on and treasure the memories. Letting go doesn't mean giving up...It 
means accepting that some things weren't meant to be."  Iggy Pop - The Passenger


Queen of the City...

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November, the month before shinny & drunk December... Something between Fall & Winter, something 
between depression & happiness. I actually never liked this strange "wtf" time of the year but well, at least it's 
just perfect for creating my über-cool wishlist. So, dear Santa this year I'm writing a month and a half earlier 
to let you know my deep ( fashion ) wishes... :) Let's see what I would love to have... 1.) White leather vest 
- for pretty & simple looks. 2. Burgundy scarf - 'Cause I'm a pathetic "fashion blogger" who fell in love with 
this colour. 3. New perfume - I despretly need a new flirty smell for year 2013... I truly love Chanel Chance 
but I think it's time to experiment a bit & any suggestions would be more than welcome... 4. Rayban 
sunglasses -  this "mainstream" model looks timeless & pretty retro... besides that I really need a  pair of 
tough, quality sunglasses. 5. Studded leather gloves - 'Cause I H.A.T.E. cold weather & boring 
Winter looks. 6. Dr Martens boots - perfect thing for cozy looks & long stylish walks. 7. Denim blouse
'Cause you can mix it with almost everything .8. Burgundy lipstick - for party nights & New Year's 
celebrations. 9. Statement t-shirts -'Cause my clothes speak for me... What's on your wishlist?

Chilly & quite awesome song... Joshua James - Queen of the city


Light me up when I'm down...

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Busy days, good movies, too much coffee & unhealthy food... My motto for this week is definitely: live for 
now, forget forever. I'm in a hurry so here is just a sneak peek of my life a.k.a. this week favorites: * soft 
pink Lana Del Ray for H & M sweater = " It's so fluffy i'm gonna die!" * gold spike necklace = for edgy 
attitude & wild nights * my beloved ipod = cuz I'm a musicholic * yummy lip balm = for cherry kisses * old 
wtf perfume = cuz it smells like teen spirit * Ray Ban glasses = for my geeky moments * pastel Calvin Klein
 nail polish = cuz it's the prettiest * L'oreal makeup = for natural everyday makeup * Canon camera = one 
life, one love...catch the moments! <3 I'll leave you with my inspirational mix and best wishes. XOXO

When you run away you can go anywhere... Mr. Little Jeans - Runways


DIY: Pearl sweater.

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When I was a child I wanted to be a fashion designer or a architect... Well, I also wanted to change the 
world, drive around in cabriolet & eat ice cream for breakfast-lunch-dinner and lose weight...but time flies 
and many things turned out differently. So, the bad news is that time flies. But here is also the good news! 
Youre the pilot. ;) Childish dreams are still here and it was quite nostalgic creating this pearl sweater a.k.a.
my latest DIY project. When I was a child I made many pretty dresses for my dolls and now I'm creating 
for myself... Well, to be honest - I only decorate this boring old sweater with pearls but I would love to 
make my own DIY clothing line. You know- unique dresses and stuff like that... It's kind of boring to dress
 in Zara, H&M, etc like 34567890987564 other girls. But step by step, first I have to learn to sew on my 
grandmothers machine and draw some sketches... I'll end with one of my one of my favorite quotes today:
"She turned her can'ts into cans, and her dreams into plans." Have a great week, my dears! xoxo

Sometimes the silence guides your mind... The Neighbourhood - Sweater weather 


How to style: Trench coat.

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It's getting cold outside & I'm probably a bit late with this "trench coat" post but as they say- better late than 
never. Most of you is already looking for perfect winter coat but hey- always remember one thing-  trench 
coat is timeless bff with Fall & Spring. Sooo, I suggest you to save these five looks in your inspirational 
folder for hard times a.k.a. "what to wear!??"days.  And pray for sunny moments and warmer weather...

Street results speak for themselves... Most girls like to mix trench coat with sophisticated dresses and high 
heels ( business type of woman & party queens ) or wear it with skinny jeans and UGG boots. Well, I did 
my "hocus pocus" once again and here is the magic...  Trust me, trench coat is much more useful than you 
think. :) Today I'll start with trendy look = burgundy from head to toe.  First question: trendy color 
overdose? Maybe baby. But I like it that way... Leather pants make this look a bit edgy and all you need
 is a finish touch... Put on some dark lipstick & pull yourself together = ready steady go. :)

No words needed... This look is simply cool. Dr. Martens in combination with glamorous earrings and retro
 shirt? Yes please! Once upon a time Coco Chanel said: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” 
Well, the best outfits in my opinion are never too classy but always  fabulous. Because they stand out.

Mix n' match without rules... Printed leggings reminds me of the good old days = too much popcorn & 
Disney Channel, blink blink shoes and funny jumpers with my favorite superhero on. :)

Easy-breezy-beautiful... and comfortable. :) p.s. If you didn't notice yet- I just looooove oversized sweaters! :)

And the least but not last- classy & pretty expensive look based on big fashion names like Prada, Burberry, 
Christian Louboutin and so on... Which is your favorite?

Enjoy your Friday... Keane - Somewhere only we know


No one is too old for fairy tales...

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“ I believe that we are who we choose to be. Nobody is going to come and save you. You’ve got to save
yourself. Nobody is going to give you anything. You’ve got to go out and fight for it. Nobody knows what
you want except you, and nobody will be as sorry as you if you don’t get it. So don’t give up your dreams. ”

Coffee, city ​​lights, dreamy thoughts & my dear friend Ana...  My favorite ritual when she 
comes home from Paris with the best perfume in the whole world & new stories. <3 

French is chic... and Paris is still on my wishlist. :) Lescop - La Foret


All I ever wanted was the world...

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Blogs are full of istagram photos but I'm a freak without this telephone application... I don't know, I guess 
I'm just afraid  to use this "yummy food,cute animals & pretty details " kind of concept.  I could become 
obsessed with documenting every step that I make. Who knows? But well, I take my camera almost 
everywhere and that makes me even more crazy. Anyways, I've decided to make mini reviews at the end of 
each month and here is the first one; a random photo mix of my October. :) Time flies and it's already 
November but I hope you don't mind...  Enjoy the photos!

 From left to right: 1. My beautiful Ljubljana. 2. Perfect Fall catch. 3. Halloween - me and Ana from S&R 
fooling around. 4. Chestnut, my love. 5. Smoothie break with my dear friend Eva. 6. Fresh flowers. 
7. Chilly breakfast & home decor inspiration. 8. Me, having fun with my lover.  9. My DIY inspirational 
book. 10. Two glasses of wine ( Rose, of course) & good company & chilling. 11. Papaparty with my girls. 
12. Fruit Salad for dessert. 13. Posing. 14. Lovely autumn walks. 15. Really delicious & healthy lunch in one 
of the restaurants. 16. Me, blogging & searching for inspiration with a cup of Tea. Life is good! :)

P.S. Philips fashion week memories: Nothing big, but anyways: my "day 3" outfit was featured in Slovenian
Cosmopolitan & my fluffy white outfit details have been published in Story magazine... Note to myself for the
 next time:  Dare more. When I look back I'm honestly not impressed by my combinations, but that's quite
typical, isn't it? It's funny how after an argument is over, you start thinking about clever sh*t you could have
said and after a FW you start thinking about...all awesome outfits you could creat. :)  xoxo

"I can`t help that I need it all, the primadonna life, the rise and fall..." Primadona - Marina & The Diamonds.


No one shines brighter than you...

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I just came home from work with awesome surprise in my hands = inspiration on 594 pages a.k.a. Elle Italia. 
  Little things can truly make your day, so pretty thanks you-know-who. :) Now I'll probably spend the 
whole evening reading this magazine with a yummy cup of tea from my favorite Teahouse. All inclusive
relaxing program with candles & some music... Perfection! I hope you enjoy a little bit of relaxation too. :)

I'm a maker of my time... The Paper kites - A Marker of my time