Happy Halloween!

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I know what I'm going to be for Halloween... Drunk. And a vampire. So, drunk vampire with the smell of
 poison. I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good, good night. :) Happy Halloween, make the best of it! :)

For all my scary ladies and gentlemens...Chinawoman - Party girl


Your mind is playing tricks on you, my dear..

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One thing is for sure: I'm not made ​​for cold weather. Dot. Amen. End of discussion. I'm truly not. So, can 
we just skip the Winter, pretty please? I love Christmas, decorated streets & lights, mulled wine, skiing and 
my birthday in February...But that's pretty much it. This October & - 20°C kind of cold is killing me. Well, 
I'm exaggerating (once again) but I'm sure that you know what I mean... At least Summer fans knows how I
feel :). Anyways, here's my yesterday's outfit... Sorry for the bad photos; they were taken in front of our
 house in two minutes by my lovely brother. I should give him a big award for patience with me & my blog
ideas... I'll try to make my outfit posts better step by step, this is my new challenge. The funny fact is that I'm
 quite shy when it comes to street style photos. I don't know why I always feel so damn weird. It seems to
me that the people around me think that: a) I'm totaly crazy b) I'm totaly egocentric c) I have too much time
in my life... I wonder if anybody else from "blogsfere" feels this way? Probably yes. But as they say: care 
less, smile more. And do more of what makes you happy. :) xoxo

(wearing: old baggy shirt, Forever 21 leather leggings & necklace, H & M white faux fur vest, PIECES hat)

"Some days I don't know if I am wrong or right. Some days I feel like I'm wrong when I'm right."
You're gone gone gone away, I watched you disappear... Of Monsters and Men - Little talks


Paper romance...

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Sneak peek: Long time has passed since my last outfit post... Shame on me! :) I guess I'm just too 
lazy to take outfit pictures. I'm quite happy in my "home alone" uniform a.k.a. oversized hip-hop  
sweater and baggy pajama. Far, far away from fashion world and feminine look... Dear future 
husband, it's true- when I'm chilling at home I look like a crap. Excuse-moi! Anyways, here's a sneak 
peek of tomorrow's outfit = gold necklace, old karo shirt and my favorite fluffy vest. Stay tuned! :) xx

Don't wanna take a chance on your paper romance anyway... <3 Groove Armada - Paper Romance


Take out your skis and slades, winter has officialy begun..

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I had a quite awesome plan for this weekend... I wanted to create a loooong  kitschy post, full of my
Fall rituals. Cakes, autumn walks, warm sweaters,... - something in this direction. But well, nature had
other plans and I woke up in the snowy morning with feeling that Christmas is already here! But it's
okay, I will survive this weather shock. With good book,funny films, delicious food, chilly mood and in
good company of WTF snow. Happy Sunday! P.s. Here are my last Fall days in photos...

There's something about this song and hectic video...Cassius - I love U so


From Kenzo green tiger jumper to Givenchy rottweiler shirt...

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Blogohoholica person who is obsessed with blogs. Fashion blogs, for example. A person who's 
fallowing  at least one hundred blogs and knows every little detail that happens in the life of the so-
called IT girls. I'm not that far...yet. I actually love reading my "alter" list of blogs more than those "I-
got-all-for-free" ones. But from time to time I finde some free minutes and check out girls like Andy, 
Chiara, Carolina etc... Something is certainly true- their dreams have come true. Literally. They 
cooperate with famous designers and travel the world... Not bad, if you ask me. I respect them 
because you have to invest a lot to get this far..."Girls from the next door" successfully transformed
into trendsetters. It's true that there are people who don't appreciate fashion blogs... They have a lot to
say about this "narcissistic" way of blogging but the fact is that many, many girls & boys nowdays is
creating their own style based on social networks such as Lookbook.nuTumblr,... And yes, blogs also play
an important role here. Internet has become our alter ego. Our web Wonderland where we're creating
inspiring collages of things that we like, fallowing people we admire and presenting to others who we are... or
rather- who we want to be. I often ask myself why the hell do I even write a blog? I often thinking about
quitting...But well, I can't just say "by by Dreamland". It's scary, but this web place has become a part of me.
My space to express. Btw, speaking of expression- have you ever noticed the same piece of clothing on all
 famous blogs? I bet you did. We are talking about popular marketing move. I think you know what I'm
saying... My dears, fasten your seat belts and enjoy in a short trendy trip- from Kenzo green tiger jumper to
Givenchy rottweiler shirt.

 Kenzo green tiger jumper: If you haven't seen this green jumper yet...you must be blind. Seriously. 
Fashion week street styles and blogs were full of this Kenzo tiger thing.

White faux fur coat: is more and more popular. Especially in combination with black, leather tights and
 big sunglasses. Touch of glamor on the streets!

Givenchy rottweiler shirt:  Edgy ladys in black. Rottweiler is obviously a new favorite pet.

(photo source: blogs Alice Point, The blond Salad, Style Scrapbook, Stockholm street style, Kayture, Fashion vibe + Wehartit and google )


How to style: Maxi skirt.

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I truly don't know what's going on with me lately but I'm in a really good mood...As they say- after 
every rainfall must come a rainbow. So hello there, dear rainbow- I've missed you. :) What about you?
Everything runs according to your "life" plan? Well, it would be nice to hear how do you do... :) 
Anyways, I didn't expect you to love my "how to style" posts as much as most of you do and this is
 the reason why I decided to post at least one per week. Raise your hands if you agree, haha. :) 

I'm a huge fan of maxi skirts, but the funny fact is that I don't have any in my wardrobe...yet. Sounds
 like a great excuse for Autumn shopping, huh? :) I'll probably buy the black one but this nude color is 
perfect for combining as well. :) 1, 2, 3...Let's get started! First look is easy going"hipsta" chic. The
 IT girl with charisma and unique style... Yes, you can wear boyfriend oversized shirt in combination 
with maxi skirt and glamorous errings and heels... Mixing and matching with style always looks great, 
if you ask me. :) Streets of Ljubljana, are you ready for something like this? Hmm...probably not. But 
hey- London is more than ready and all known "dare to be different!" is a good motto. :):)

Creating a trendy street look is always quite simple thing to do... If you follow the trends (at least a 
little) you already know the rules. All you need is: denim studded shirt, massive necklace and some 
kick-ass heels. You can also use popular military jacket, cool cozy sweaters, anything in burgundy, lots
 of studs and so on and so on. I've written about Fall 2012 trends in September., click HERE

Well, if I won the lottery in the near future... I'll dress up like this every day. I've always loved 
Moschino belt in combination with maxi skirts and faux fur + this burgundy Chanel bag is nothing less 
than perfect. Ahh, it would be sooo nice to have these things in my closet. <3 One day, maybe? :)

And here it is-the last maxi skirt look. Very me and very easy to wear... Boho-rock street chic in All 
stars. :) Add a big camera, Ray bans + a wild spirit :). And your favorite is...?

P.s. Everything in life is temporary. So if things are going good, enjoy it because it won't last 
forever... And if things are going bad, don't worry- it can't last forever either. :)

"She's longing for some sun and late nights in some arms with love..." Summer heart - Please stay


Don't lose who you are, in the blur of the stars...

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Warm sunny days in the middle of Autumn... One of those chilly "messy bun" weeks 
when you live in your favorite oversized sweaters and you don't even need a jacket. 
Well, I couldn't ask for more. I'm feeling like a happy child in a candy store- I'm 
running around with my camera, collecting all these autumn beauty...  Now I can
 finaly say one  loud "checked" for picnic with chestnuts  and  fresh apple juice...  

Anyways, enough talking about this kitschy beautiful Autumn.... In this post I wanted to present to 
you online shopping site Clothingloves. Last week I got a lovely email from ClothingLoves Team to 
cheek out their site and I must say that I truly fell in love with some of their products... I was 
searching for a perfect pearl collar for ages and I finally found what I was looking for...  Pure 
perfection! My imaginary dream Fall outfit is based on a white knitted sweater, skinny jeans, leather
 jacket, dr Martens shoes with small roses and cute pearl collar. One of those two, for example...

If you like to shop online you should cheek their site as well...  What to expect? From casual women's 
fashion clothes, jewelry to wedding dresses... Their product range is huge and they offer 15% of  to 
the first order. Great deal, if you ask me. :) I'm a very traditional type of a girl who mostly still buy in 
" real" stores, but this is likely to change very soon. Internet offers many opportunities for shopping 
and I'm more and more impressed by the fact how many cool stuffs you can get with only one click. 
Oh and...well, with a credit card.  :)    Have a great week everyone! 

Awesome, awesome song...Miles Kane- Come closer


British fashion magazines = my Bible.

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In search of inspiration...Enjoying a great cappuccino in good company. La vita è bella! :)

P.s. I just found songs from this truly cool guy, Miles Kane on Youtube. They are made
 for chilling... Miles Kane -A Girl LikeYou   Find of the day, for sure!  


White blank page...

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This week is getting better and better... After weeks of  wondering why the hell life doesn't always go
 in my direction I replace negativity with positivity. And pretty please, don't roll your eyes. I know
how that sounds... a bit pathetic and like one of those many "always-look-on-the-bright-side-of-life"
sentences. But it's true. Nothing is ever wrong. We learn from every step we take and every day is a
life test. I have often heard: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." And my very cynical reply
was too often: "What doesn't kill you makes you...wish it did." Childish, I know. What doesn't kill
you  actually makes you a fighter.  When you go through hard times, you can either let that destroy
you and you becom bitter and never let it go, or you can let it make you stronger. Life is much easier
 when you remind yourself that it's okay not to be perfect.

The loveliest day comes whan you wake up & find that life still colours your world through people
who truly care. :) :) Vanilla lotion, favorite knitted sweaters and other pretty little things makes
everything even better. Oh, and pretty thanks to my dear Eva for the most delicious breakfast ever...
American pancakes with Nutella and banana + yuummy coffee = that's what I call the perfect start to
 a Monday morning.

Autumn is for...
 Cozy sweaters, warm drinks, leaves changing color...
...nice smelling candles, muffins, lazy days with good books...
...movie nights, long walks, sunny days with my dear Canon <3 ...
...looooooooooooooots of cuddling...
...melted wine, room picnics, crunching leaves under my feet...
...tasty tea & hot chocolate, chilly evenings, Halloween...
(photos are from wehartit.com, wonderland for insp. ;) + First 2 made by me and my lover Canon :))

You desired my attention but denied my affections...


How to style: Burgundy scarf.

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Fashion week euphoria is over and my life has returned to the easy-going Fall rhythm... First 
chestnuts this year, too much fruit & green tea, long list of unread books and even longer list of my 
wishes...oh, and movies that I want to see in the near future.  As you can see I'm really good in 
pushing away the "real world". I could live happily ever after with mulled wine in my hands, new 
seasons of New girl with funny Zooey Deschanel on my laptop and one of those smoking hot 
Abercrombie & Fitch models. :):) And here they are again- quite unrealistic plans in my head. :)
Okay, okay- I'm officially quitting my blog monologue. It's time to focus on more important things... 
On a new "how to style" post, for example. I have a secret relationship with burgundy right now... 
Seriously. I'm maaadly in love with this color. Verry berry burgundy, marry me? Forever yours, Maja.

Denim shirt, leather leggings, cool hat and always useful black bag...If you add some yummy 
frappuccino and burgundy scarf to this combination you can probably win the trendy lottery.
"Who said nights were for sleep?" Hello, hello- wild memories call your name. 

And least but not last- comfortable casual look... Also known as my fav look  for the most of my bussy 
days. It's quite easy to rock the stage with edgy backpack and warm cardigan.

XOXO, enjoy in Fall...and  this song. Alex Clare - Damn Eyes


PFW: Day 3.

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And here it is- my final post about the last night of the third Philips Fashion Week in Ljubljana... 
In short: a glass of champagne, yummy gin-tonic and a lot of fashion. My favorite night to be exact.
The internet is already full of reports about this event so I'll only pointed out my favorite designers
 of the last night. Congratulations to all, I wish you every success in your future career. ;)

Precej utrujena in polna velikih pričakovanj- tako nekako bi opisala svoje počutje sredinega 
popoldneva...Sta me pa Matjaž Plošinjak in Eric Maj Potočnik s prvo revijo večera takoj dodobra 
zbudila. Prikazana kolekcija je bila (vsaj zame) veličastna in navdihujoča. Modni bum, ki sem ga 
tako zelo pogrešala med preteklimi revijami in naelektrenost zanimanja občinstva v zraku... Eric 
Matyash: La Métamorphose- ko se nostalgija včerajšnjega dne in fiktivnost jutrišnjega  srečujeta 
v sedanjosti. Izrazito definirane silhuete te kolekcije si zaslužijo čisto desetko.

Petja Zorec: Run Boy Run! Všečna kolekcija, še bolj všečen komad.

"Tomorrow is another day...And you won’t have to hide away.
You’ll be a man, boy! But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to... run!"

Matevž Faganel in arhitekturna eklektika: moč črt, bele, črne in temno modre. Zapeljivo in igrivo.

Ivan Rocco: Waikiki. Ivan Rocco mi je zelo preprosto: všeč. Zelo všeč.  Navdušena sem bila že nad 
njegovo kolekcijo jesen-zima 2012 in mirno lahko priznam, da sem navdušena tudi nad prihajajočo 
kolekcijo pomlad-poletje 2013. Sled vintage pridiha in pogled na igrive kombinacije vzorcev... Le 
love! Po vsej verjetnosti bi sama za pohod po ljubljanskih ulicah vsak kos sortirala malce po svoje in 
"varno" kombinirala z bolj klasično in enobarvno garderobo- za tako drzno mešanico vzorcev imam 
zaenkrat še premalo poguma vendar jo je bilo užitek opazovati na modni pisti. Razglednica s Havajev 
v obliki kolekcije, ki mi je pisana na kožo. En glasen "Cheers!" za sproščenost in zvok Blackbird 
Blackbird-Hawaii v ozadju. 

JSP: Dvakrat prepovedano. Še sedaj imam v spominu natančno  shranjeno rumeno-črno resasto 
obleko prejšnje kolekcije sester Proković, ki me je v trenutku osvojila. Tudi v sredo zvečer sem 
opazila kar nekaj mikavnih kosov in šarmantno dodelanega nakita, ki daje piko na i kolekciji...

Garevski: Intimna pripoved o nasprotjih in njihovem sožitju. Prijetno presenečena nad svetlo 
modro barvo, ki se je pridružila že dobro znani črni in beli. Pa seveda -odlični klasični in malo manj
 klasični kroji. Obleka, ki naredi človeka.

Peter Movrin: Mariška + Metod. Oh in ah ali bolje rečeno- pika na i sredinemu sklepnemu večeru.


PFW: Day 2 in photos.

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Runway, high heels, models, fashion designers and much more... I always loved  fashion and everything
 associated with it but I'm starting to wonder if it's everything in the fashion world really so awesome??
The more I see the more I doubt. Slovenian fashion week is behind me and I'm back to life back to reality...
I have quite mixed feelings about this event and definitely too much photos to edit and publish on my blog.
As you can see I chose white faux fur vest, white knitted jumper and leather leggings for my second PFW 
look. And let's not forget to mention that I almost died in my high heels... Why? I stood all night a.k.a. no 
seats for fashion bloggers. But I survived, hip hip hurray. I hope you'll enjoy reading this post. ;)

Včasih si želim, da bi imel dan več kot 24 ur... Da bi lahko delala deset stvari hkrati in naprimer 
objavila post, ki ga berete že v torek zvečer. Ampak kot pravijo- you can't have it all. Upam, da 
kljub dvodnevni zamudi ne izgubljam preveč na aktualnosti... :) 

Fotografi trič trač revij so bili na lovu za znanimi obrazi, jaz pa na lovu za dobrim stilom... Prijazno 
so mi pozirale blogerke: Ana iz Stardust and roses, Irena iz Running in my heels, Manca iz 
Mancinasspot, Alja iz Ljubeznic in Tesa iz Magnifique. Trendy samosvoje- vse po vrsti. :)

Poleg vseh ostalih stilsko dodelanih detajlov sem se naravnost zaljubila v Mančin brodo klobuk. Tres chic! 

Pri street style rubriki drugega dne lahko sedaj naredim kljukico in se osredotočim na subjektivno 
oceno revij torkovega popoldneva in večera ... Pripravljeni? Ready Steady Go! 

Torek, 9. oktober

Maja Štamol:  Oblikovalka je s svojo tokratno linijo oblek povzemala svoje začetne vzgibe
 oblikovanja in moram priznati, da mi je kolekcija za pomlad-poletje 2013 veliko ljubša kot zimska 
kolekcija, prikazana na drugem PFW. Všeč mi je bila igrivost materialov, pastelno zlati odtenki in 
detajli, ki so v celoti zaznamovali določeno obleko. Nič pretresljivega, vendar lepo.

Miro Misljen: Uprizoritev prave cirkuške predstave na modni brvi... Moja koncentracija je s 
pomočjo lasulj, velikih očal in drugih dodatkov na žalost splavala po vodi. Nikakor se nisem mogla 
osredotočiti na predstavljeno kolekcijo, saj sem bila preveč zaposlena z opazovanjem vsega 
kričečega blišča. Bi pa z veseljem oblekla spodnji oblekici za ležerno sprehajanje po mestu in belo 
kavo s smetano in stilom.

Simona Lampe: Kolekcija polna melanholične romantike deževnega poletja. Čipke, dežni plašči in
 domiselni dežniki... Kolekcija, ki kar kliče po glamuroznem plesu v dežju. 

Mojca Celin: Barvito in ne ravno v mojem stilu. Bi pa vsekakor posvojila dekorativne ovratničke in 
jih že to jesen kombinirala s prevelikimi  puloverji, ozkimi kavbojkami in visokimi škornji.

Alice Bossman: Vsekakor moja najljubša revija prvega sklopa torkovega popoldneva... Igra 
materialov in čiste linije. Veliko bele in smetanove barve v drugem delu kolekcije...Pa opaznih 
detajlov. Prelepo in čisto po mojem okusu, bravo Alice! :)

Eber krznarstvo: Miselna asociacija na krzno? Zima. Vendar se bo od letos dalje očitno nosilo tudi 
tja do pozne pomladi, ki se bo nato prelevila v vroče poletje s pridihom krznenega glamurja. 

Maja Ferme Fashion: Večna zgodba o Pepelki, izgubljenem čeveljcu in princu na belem konju.
Bleščice, ki v spomin prikličejo velike plesne dvorane in stare filmske ikone. Lolekcija, ki postavlja 
pomembno vprašanje - zakaj bi lepe obleke hranili le za posebne priložnosti, če v njih lahko uživamo
 vsak dan? Idealna izbira za vse Pepelke 21. stoletja in večne dame.

Drugi sklop odnih revij:

Nelizabeta: Športna eleganca. Preprosto: uporabna, urbana in nosljiva kolekcija, ki pa me ni 
pretirano navdušila. Bonus točke za športni šik jakne na fotografiji. 

Nioka:  Pompozni minimalizem ali enostavna brezčasnost. Za nekatere dokaj dolgočasna kolekcija 
za nekatere pa pravi vir navdiha. 

Nena Florjančič: Kolekcija, ki mi je bila res res všeč. Čudoviti suknjiči, črno-bel preplet, 
nepričakovani vzorci in bleščice. Večino kosov bi z največjim veseljem nosila na sto in en način. :)

Dajana Ljubčič: Za večino zmagovalka večera, ki je pustila pečat s premišljenim estetskim tiskom in 
čistostjo linij kreacij. Kačji vzorec lahko kaj hitro izpade zelo ceneno vendar se je oblikovalki uspelo
 temu več kot uspešno izogniti. Pohvale za pokazano z moje strani! :)

Ana Jelinčič: Čudovita rumena srajčka in prikupni aparati okoli vratu... Všečno!

AleksandraBrlan: Čiste linije in široki kroji. Preprosto & nosljivo- vendar vsaj zame precej precej

Sofia Nogard: Plus kolekcije sta bili čudoviti modri parki...

Poročilo drugega dne: zaključeno. 

p.s. Komaj komaj čakam, da bo objavljen seznam pesmi, ki so se vrtele na revijah PFW. 
Kar nekaj jih bo namreč zagotovo pristalo na mojem ipodu. Za danes pa se poslavljam z 
eno svojih najljubših zadnjega tedna:  Alex Clare - Too close