Paint the sky, make it yours...

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When I was a kid, I wanted to be older... What the hell I was thinking? Dear good old times with Tom and
 Jerry... come back! I miss days filled with too much candy and "when-I-grow-up-I-will-save-the-world" 
missions. I miss those "Sorry-dude-I'm-just-a-kid" kinds of excuse. In short: times when we did stupid sh*t 
and we didn't bother what others think... Sometimes it feels like that a happy childhood is truly the worst 
possible preparation for "real, adult" life. Those funny, childish flashes are still like little shiny stars... And 
don't get me wrong...I'm dealing with this growing up thing quite well. At least I pretend to. With job, college 
work, glasses of wine and red lipstick I'm concealing the truth. But as they say- fake it till you make it.

*wearing: Zara dress, H & M jacket+scarf, World of accessories bag. * 
And thanks to my dear Neža for the photos and all our childhood memories... 
I hope we'll still drink martinis together when we'll be 50.

I had a crush on this song when I was eighteen... Sounds good: Reamonn - Supergirl


Style Icon: Angelica Blick.

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For all those who don't know yet...I finally got my new Canon camera, my long-standing desire!!! :) 
*happyhappyface*  I sincerely can't describe how enthusiastically am I right now...Damn, I want to 
photograph every little thing, catch every  little moment in my lens and just live happily ever after. :) 
You'll need to wait a couple of days to see my photos and new outfit posts but I sincerely hope that you'll 
like my work when it will be published on the blog. :) Anyways, this post is about beautiful blonde with name
 Angelica Blick...A 21 year old fashionista who works in Stockholm as a designer/stylist/blogger. All I can 
say is that I truly love her style, blog and I'm obviously not the only one. She's winning important fashion 
blogger competitions lately and I think she'll rock fashion world in the future as well. :) I know, I know... this 
is another swedish girl published as a style icon on my blog but you'll need to get used to it - Stockholm 
seems like a heaven on earth for inspiration... Cheek it out on Stockholm street style .

(photo credit: angelicablickblog)

Johnny Clash instead of goodnight kiss... Johnny Clash - Hurt


How to style: white knitted jumper.

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If you fallow me on my FB page you already know that I'm quite obsessed with white knitted jumpers right
now. They are on my "must have " list this Fall and this is also the reason why they play a major role in my
second  "how to style" post. :)  This piece of wardrobe is appropriate for all occasions and you can use it as
you wish... I created 3 different looks with 3 different jumpers to show you "trendy", "casual" and "retro-girly  look. :)

When it comes to trendy look the formul for success is very simple... All you need is popular olive 
green parka, studded boots, sexy shorts and some notable details. I decided to use my beloved dark 
red lipstick for a touch of glamor and stylish pastel bag. And you can say "welcome" to the jewelry 
 as well. :) You know what they say - details make perfection. :)

Most useful for  every day is definitely good old casual look... Mix of white blazer, comfortable jeans 
and awesome berry red bag sounds like great decision. I also love adding stylish scarfs, retro Ray Ban 
sunglasses and trendy loafers. When it comes to casual looks I keep saying: "Make it simple."

And least but not least...Retro girly look. Skirts, vintage bags, pretty funny sunglasses, rainbow 
jackets, unique jewelry and much more... All this comes in handy when you create this kind of looks.

And your  favorite look is...? Tell me, I'm curious! :)

P.s. Just fell in love with this song...  Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing
"So I put my faith in something unknown, I'm living on such sweet nothing..."


Live for now, forget forever...

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Free, "take-it-easy" Sunday afternoons are like cherry on the top of the super busy week... I spent mine in 
the city center drinking coffee in my favorite coffee bar, eating delicious Chinese food and chit chatting with 
my fab friends about life and our plans for the for the future. I can not believe how time flies, seriously. Just 
one week left till the first college semester?? Wooow, slow down time, slooooow down! But in the other 
hand I just can't wait to begin a new chapter in my life. My last Summer was honestly muuuuuch crazier than 
this one but I learn some important life lessons this year and that counts the most. Now I know that you gotta 
take some chances, you gotta risk losing it all...You gotta close your eyes and leap because sometimes it 
might be worth the fall. Some mistakes are too much fun to only make it once and you know me- if I don't 
die the first time most likely I will do it again. :) Live for now, forget forever? Challenge accepted.

Anyways, here's my outfit post after a long time... Me, in casual version. It's nothing special at all- leather 
leggings in combination with white blazer, big bag & studded loafers. Voilà, this is how I put my  really easy-
going looks in, two minutes? :) Have a nice week everyone and make some memories! ;) xx

* wearing: leder leggings Forever 21, shirt TW, sweater Zara, studded DIY shoes, blazer Orsay, neon necklace H & M, bag
 World of Accessories *  And pretty thanks to Ana for the photos! :)

All the things you hate I find fun, things you wanna see are just done...  Example - Midnight run


Bad decision make good stories...

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Two crazy nights out and I'm finally feeling alive again...I desperately needed sangria, dance and my "loco" 
friends around me. I needed loud laughter, wtf memories and funny conversations with random strangers. 
After every rain comes rainbow and my life is getting better and better... Cheers for that! :) Anyways, I just
 wanted to share my inspiration collage and some good news...Guess what? :) I'll probably buy new 
professional camera this week!!! :)  I truly can't wait to make some drop dead gorgeous photos and make
 outfit posts as I always wanted to... Ahh, I'm more than excited but I'll tell you more about my upcoming 
projects in my next post. :) Enjoy your weekend, I'll spend some lazy time with old movies, fashion 
magazines and yummy food. XOXO till the next time. :)

(photo source: wehartit, me)

Hello mystery, don't bother to explain... Sounds like weekend. Miiike now - Black & blue


You may say i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one...

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We grew up together... We laughed, cried and dreamed about all those silly things together. And I'm glad to
say that we still do. She's pretty long-haired girl who loves adrenaline, spicy food and new adventures... 
Someone who's ready for for action 24/7 and not afraid of red lipstick & cutting her hair. Well, I'm the 
opposite. Adrenaline is definitely not my middle name and I prefer easy-going lifestyle with lots of coffee and
 morning walks  instead of crazy mountain biking. Yes, we are different as hell but pretty awesome together anyways. :)

When we were little girls our grandfather called us "Zanzibarčka"- his own  family jing jang. Blonde-black
 combination alas two girls who did lots of stupid childish things and were dressed n the most awful things in 
childhood. :) Good times, good times! Ladies and gentlemens, it's time to show you  our mini photoshoot that 
we made in my fashionable room a couple of weeks ago... My cousin Maša looks like a model and as you 
know I love to pretend that I know how to take photos & create outfits. We had a great time playing 
dressing up and all I can say is that some girls never grow up. :)  I hope you like the pictures and be sure to 
tell me what you think...

Nostalgic song. <3   Pearl Jam - Last kiss

P.s. I totally forgot to publish this on my blog... I had an interview for Wannabe magazine 
a few weeks ago...You can read it HERE. :) 


Hold me really tight until the stars look big...

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Have you ever had a day when everything seems to go wrong? Well, I had...I had at least one hundred "bad
 days" and some pretty messed up weeks and months in my life. Sometimes you can try so hard at 
something...and still fail. What do you do in moments like these? Cry a river? Build a bridge? Or just 
get over it? I do a little bit of everything. And I've got  always in my head quote: "It's not how many times
 you  fall that matters, it's how many times you get up."  You live. You love. You lose. You scream. You learn. 
When everything seems to go wrong I just need to look back and remember good times.

"Cause baby we were born to live fast and die young, born to be bad, have fun... "
 Lana Del Ray, you read my mind. <3  Lana Del Rey - Never let me go


DIY: Mosaix bag.

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Rainy days are just perfect excuse for DIY projects... Say "ciao bella" to my new unique mosaix bag. <3
In your eyes I see the eyes of somebody I knew before, long long, long ago.... Mike Snow - Animal
Quite awesome Miiike, quite awesome.


How to style: Isabel Marant wedge sneakers

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I can't find time to take quality pictures  of my outfits which sucks but I still have a lot of inspiration... Sounds 
like hell for a fashion blogger, huh? Anyways, I've written about Fall trends in one of my previous posts and 
now I decided  to make a few "how to style" posts with all biggest Fall trends... I'll create different looks with
 one trendy piece in each post. I really hope you guys like my sure to tell me what you think. :) xoxo

                 We smiling high watching the good things passing by...


Perfect only in her imperfections.

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The past few weeks have been quite hectic...  Exams, learning and stress are 3 words which don't look like
 Summer. I had my "Everything-is-whatever", "I can't stand this sh*t anymore" & "I'll run far away and
 never come back" moments but I'm happy to announce that I survived. I'm probably exaggerating (slightly)
 but we all know how this annoying exams story goes... Ohh man, just one week left till my "party like
 a rockstar" plans will come true...Cheers to that! I wanna, wanna, wanna dance like there is no tomorrow. :)

So, no major changes in my life lately but I'm pretty happy with all the small things that brighten my
 everyday. Somedays you just need to create your own sunshine and be your own little hero.
Sincerelysometimes I get so weird I even freak myself out. I'm thinking about how funny it would be to
 grab a hand from a complete stranger (beautiful & incredibly sympathetic stranger, of course) and 
say : "Oh darling, lets be adventerus. "

I truly miss the thrill of traveling...I miss the butterflies in my stomach and happiness when I''m drunk 
of the stars and life. But I can still create my own Paradise right here, in Ljubljana. With yummy 
breakfasts in my favorite cafes and  all those silly girly things like glamorous jewelry and colorful nail polish. 

But ohh, I think I could eat tons of ice cream in every city of the world and bought a new perfume in each country.

Jup, so typical for me! :) Anyways, enough daydreaming... I just wanted to say how much I love 
fresh flowers on the table. Room with with a bouquet of flowers immediately looks a way more 
beautiful...Did you ever notice that?

Hah, this is probably the most random post ever. But Dreamland is Dreamland...Blog written by a 
weird girl who can't get enough of homemade sangria, roses, songs from The xx and fashion.

Hasta la vista, fashionistas. XOXO till the next post... Live well. Laugh often. Love much.

"I don't have to leave anymore...What I have is right here.
Spend my nights and days before searching the world for what's right here..."

Music is my boyfriend. <3    The xx - Islands


Fashion trends from streets for Fall 2012.

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Summer is slowly, but surely coming to an end... And I'm already dreaming about big sweaters, fresh autumn
 air, cloudy sky and hot chocolate. I've always loved Summer but Autumn has its own charm. Fallen leaves
 on the streets, movie nights with a cup of tea and tasty muffins... Yumm yumm, dear Autumn... Bring it on! :)
It's nice to see fresh collection on the shelves and admire the new pieces...You kow how it goeas- as soon
as one trend starts to fade away, another comes along... All I can say is: "By by pastels & hello edgy style."
Today I finally made my "must have" list for  this season... Wanna see what's on it? I bet you do. :) So. I
 created a post with my 10 favorite "street trends" for Fall 2012 and added stylish photos from other
bloggers & some fashion campaigns. I hope you'll be inspired... 

1. Camo jacket.

Call your soldier girl! Blogs and streets are already full of this "camo jacket" trend... I'm not overly
 impressed by this trend but you can actually create pretty awesome looks with this olive green thing.

It's just perfect for mixing easy going pieces ... 
...and looks good with  skirt and high heels as well. Double win!

2. Caps.

As you know I have a passionate relationship with my black hat... But guess what? It's time for some
 changes .I was looking for replacement and I found more than ideal solution...Caps! Ladys with 
caps are damned good-looking, don't you think? Mix of feminine and sport style can create unique
 combinations. I just need to find the right model and colour.1, 2, 3-  let's go hunting caps instead of boys.:)

3. Faux fur.

Nothing new, I know. But with shiny pants or interesting leggings still looks inovative and 
stylish. Even old trends can be given a new lease of life with some imagination.

4. Timeless black.

The one and only...Indispensable black. From little black dress to black leather jacket... It's timelless
 and must have for sure. I'm a big fan of colors... but black is still my number one when it comes to 
dressing up for  a variety of events in the fall and winter. Maxi skirts and big sweaters looks pretty 
awesome together...Try it!

5. boyfriend jeans.

 "Boyfriend jeans" in combination with a simple T-shirt and interesting blazer... always the right 
choice. Especially if you add some breathtaking jewelry and flirty smile. ;)

6. Studs.

Studs, studs, studs... The more the better! Gosh, I'm obsessed with them...  You know, I remember that
 I wore belts with studs, 5 years ago? When I fell for cute skater boys and hip hop style. 
Haha sounds teenage, huh? But time apparently does not change much ..  Skater boys are passé but 
studs are back in fashion.  Let it shine!

7. Isabel Marant sneakers.

Wedge sneakers... You can see them mixed with maxi skirts, skinny jeans, fancy or casual 
combinations... Something is certainly true- fashionistas loveee them. It does not matter if they are 
from Isabel Marant but I love this model the most. Unfortunately is a bit too expensive for me...
So, dear Santa... :) :)

8. Loafers.

Man, I made my own pair of studded loafers (click here)... You know what that means- L.O.V.E. <3

9. Converse All Stars.

Because you can still impress people with old pair of All stars and individual style. 

10. Burgundy.

Maybe is not the most popular color in fashion magazines this this season but I love it and that matter most.

Awesome street style girls...
(photos are from: wehartit, tumblr and  different blogs: Song of style, Style scrapbook, Tuula, Lust for life,
  Nette Nestea, Angelica Blick, Fashion squad, Atlantic Pacific, Maffashion, Zina, Lovely Pepa... if i forgot 
 someone i'm sincerely sorry, just let me know and I'll add forgotten blog as a  source)

The most awesome song ever... AWOLNATION - Sail

P.s. What is your favorite trend this season?