We're never gonna be as young as we are tonight...

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Lazy morning coffee. No alarm. Old city streets. Handsome strangers.Yummy lunch in the city center...
Enjoying sunny Friday - my today's mission.  I've missed you, dear Hedonism. Like a looooooooooot.
Just 2 or 3 or 5 cocktails and my day will be perfect. No worries, I'm planning a wild night out... :)
Tonight...We are young. Let's set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun...

P.S. I mixed some of my favorite inspirational photos and made another classy & fabulous collage...
I hope this is how my Summer will look like... Studs, oversized t-shirts and flirty aditude, sounds
 good to me! :)  While ago I also create this two "simple white shirt" outfits. Casual and fancy version.
First is ideal for hanging around with style & a big smile and the second for all "dress to impress"
opportunities. White T-shirt is a must in my closet this Summer, piece with a million outfits options.

For things to happen...go out and make them. :)  Tegan and Sara - Back in your head


Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving...

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Not everything has gone according to plan... I have a few exams on my August list but all I need right
 now is some time to get away... Time to breathe, smile, live. Blood-need time off for family, friends
 and all the things I wanted to do over the year. By by stress, hello laziness. Sounds good, ha? When I
 look back I see that I was quite bad in planning my university obligations but hey- every day you
learn something new, am I right? And we all know that the most important thing we learn at school is
 the fact that the most important things can’t be learned at school... I had ups and downs. Moments
when I wanted to escape from everything and the moments filled with pure happiness. Never give up.
"Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don't, then who will? "
Thanks M.M. for my passion for red lipstick and life motto.In the end life isn't about finding yourself...
It's about creating yourself. With small steps, courage and the will. At least I believe in that.

Anyway, here are some photos from my life... Can't wait to pack my bags and jump into the cold sea.
 Shells, wonderful places and yummy seafood? Yes, please!! :) I'll also create more outfit posts in
the near future, I promise. And big thanks for all your heartfelt comments with lovely wishes...
Well cherries, we wait all winter to feel the sand between our toes... Be kind and and give me some
 suggestions for for summer reading... Awesome books that will blow my mind and some good
movies. Pretty, pretty please-just let me know any of your suggestion..You'll brighten my day.. :)

The tan will fade but the memories will last forever...Boat Club - Memories


Every Summer has a story...

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Road trips, sleepless nights, crazy friends, blue waves & mojitos... Time for big sunglasses, pretty
dresses and happiness. Time when the sun gets hot and the moon gets lazy... I bought this simple
white dress last year in Athens and it was "love at first sight". Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

(wearing:  dress from Greece, bag from Zara)

And if every summer has a story, every story has a soundtrack...
In sleep, I dream of houses in the sky... Memoryhouse - To The Lighthouse (Millionyoung Remix)


We're all just kids who grew up way too fast. ..

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Hello there...I'm happy to announce that I'm still alive. Barely... But still. :) I think that this awesome
 sunny Monday deserves a random post about my life lately. 1, 2, 3...Let's get this party started... :)
I'm quite obsessed with this dreamy pastel necklace- it reminds me on dream catchers and fulfilled
wishes; it's absolutely one of my favorite pieces this Summer. Shorts are DIY, bag vintage and this
 poncho sweater from Dorothy Perkins just perfect for hanging around. Simple but chic. :)

Let's go on...Is anything new and exciting happening in my life right now?  Well, sincerely...
Nothing much is going on...I'm sick and tired of all this exam crap. Same shit, different day.
Books, coffee, food, books, sleep, smoothies, books, coffee, red bull and so on and so on...
 Pretty boring, I know. My patience is low but hey- just two weeks till Summmmeeeeerrr!! :):)

Days go by so fast that I totally forgot to post that one of my Philips fashion week outfits has
 been published in Cosmopolitan street style... Thanks a lot, I'm honored! :)

&  Last but not least - Happy Birthday to my party girl ! <3
She's the person who can make me smile on my worst day.... The one person I could spend every
 second with and never get tired of...The person that never gives  up on me. Gosh, we did lots of
childish, foolish, "what the hell" things together but those are the best memories...  :) :)
My dear... Party hard, make mistakes, lough endlessly... Do the things you're afraid to do...
After all, you're only live once. ;)  And  pretty please...call Abercrombie & Fitch guys :D


What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

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My head to the sky. My feet on the ground. Same old me, same old dreamer. Busy creating perfect
scenarios in my mind that will probably never come true... I always thought that my dream job is in
conjunction with PR and media. But well, I'm not that sure anymore... My future is blurred, my
thoughts are soo-oh confused...But I think that over thinking ruins you. Ruins the situation, turns
things around, makes you worry and just make things worse... So I'll stop with that. We all feel a little
 fucked up sometimes, don't we? We all get lost once in a while... But as they say: you can't make a
rainbow without a little rain. I'm tired of people needing a reason for doing everything in their lives...
I'll do it because I want it to. Because it's fun... Because it makes me happy.  

Said hey honey, take a walk on the wild side...Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side


Winners never quit and quitters never win...

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Every great dream begins with a dreamer and every unforgettable Summer begins with 
tons of  schoolwork. Life fact. But well, we'll survive... It's only one moth - we'll make it,
right? ;) I hope you'll enjoy this "beauty overdose" inspirational photos until we meet again...
Windy hair, tanned skin, soap bubbles, boho style, champagne  & strawberries...  Say hello
 to Summer 2012, say hello to  new memorys. Un, Dos, Tres... I'll scream "cheers to the
freakin Summer" veeery loud soon. This post is for wild times and charming smileys... :)

Now it seems a world away but I miss that day...Are we ever gonna feel the same?

p.s. These photos are taken from my 2 favorite inspirational pages  weheartit & tumblr...