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November, the month before shinny & drunk December... Something between Fall & Winter, something 
between depression & happiness. I actually never liked this strange "wtf" time of the year but well, at least it's 
just perfect for creating my über-cool wishlist. So, dear Santa this year I'm writing a month and a half earlier 
to let you know my deep ( fashion ) wishes... :) Let's see what I would love to have... 1.) White leather vest 
- for pretty & simple looks. 2. Burgundy scarf - 'Cause I'm a pathetic "fashion blogger" who fell in love with 
this colour. 3. New perfume - I despretly need a new flirty smell for year 2013... I truly love Chanel Chance 
but I think it's time to experiment a bit & any suggestions would be more than welcome... 4. Rayban 
sunglasses -  this "mainstream" model looks timeless & pretty retro... besides that I really need a  pair of 
tough, quality sunglasses. 5. Studded leather gloves - 'Cause I H.A.T.E. cold weather & boring 
Winter looks. 6. Dr Martens boots - perfect thing for cozy looks & long stylish walks. 7. Denim blouse
'Cause you can mix it with almost everything .8. Burgundy lipstick - for party nights & New Year's 
celebrations. 9. Statement t-shirts -'Cause my clothes speak for me... What's on your wishlist?

Chilly & quite awesome song... Joshua James - Queen of the city

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  1. True : 'something
    between depression & happiness'

    I love t-shirt with 'BANG!'
    Oh.. I have lot of things on my wishlist, I think that I have to do one..

    Check Out My Blog! :)x

  2. Such an amazing post.
    Love every single piece.


  3. Super wish lista in krasno napisano. :)

    xoxo, Nina

  4. Super želje. Upam, da se ti uresničijo :) (p.s. sam rabiš enega bogatega Božička;))*

  5. O ja, dober wishlist, tudi moj bo podoben :D In tudi jaz že sanjam o decembru, mislim da sem že preveč navdušena nad kupovanjem darilnih škatel, v katere potem zložim miljon majhnih, simpatičnih in včasih tudi neuporabnih zadevic, ki jih pač moram kupiti za svojo dušo haha :D

  6. what a lovely wish list! i would love to have everything! i have burgundy lipstick and it's awesome!

  7. nice wishlist ;)
    sminka, cevlji, bang top in rokavice so tudi na mojem seznamu ;)

    xo I.

  8. o ja, tud js se ne bi branila par stvari :P

  9. what a great wishlist, dear :) need that burgundy lipstick in my life *_* that seems to be the perfect shade I was always looking for.

    xx FlirtingwithFashion Blog