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Here it is, the last day of November... By by foggy, depressive mornings & hello bright christmas lights. Yup,
 you heard it right - Christmas spirit is finally legall & I actually have to admit that this month wasn't so bad,..
I watched some pretty awesome movies on film festival LIFE,  tried the best slow-food diner ever, bought a
 ticket for uber-cool Christmas day in Vienna & a lot more...  As they say- life's what you make it. :)

 From left to right, November review : 1. Autumn walks.  2. Top favorite hair-style for lazy days:
messy bun.  3. Cozy days with chocolate drinks and magazines. 4. Beautiful forest (near my house). 
5. Truly delicious white coffee with vanilla in one of my fav. coffee bars in city center. 6. My fabulous
 fluffy black cat posing with the tongue, how cool is that hahh? :) 7. Big fan of candles. <3 8. Duck
face a.k.a. typical girly & wtf behavior.9. My dear friend Ana (when she came home from Paris for a
 couple of days)  10. My brother is a genius guitar player = concerts in my room are the best. :) 
11. Drink, drank, drunk - one crazy Friday in November. 12. My super cute keychain. 13. Me & my
 friend Trish- blowing kisses in the wind. 14. Enjoing one of many, many movie nights in November.
  15. One of the UK magazines, I loved the make-up. 16. And least but not last...motto to live by: Think
 good thoughts. <3 Enjoy your Friday & drink glass or two of yummy mulled wine, cheers. :) xx

An' no one's really sure who's lettin' go today, walking away... Guns N' Roses - November Rain

26 komentarjev:

  1. joj kot ti pašejo te barve :) Kako pa narediš tak kolažek?

    1. hvala ti :) nardim jih pa v programu photoscape :)

  2. ooo kako lepo,ful ti pašejo te svetle barve,res,večkrat imej! :))

  3. Ljubko. :) Brezrokavnik bi ti takoj ukradla. :D

    XOXO, Nina

  4. I love the fur vest!!!definitely need it :))
    kisses from Milano

  5. You look super pretty, loving the faux fur gilet darling!

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  6. ohh thank you dear :*

    you have lovely blog! :)

  7. kakšne lepe fotkice. čist si lušna! <3

  8. so many beautiful photos.. and now, we've got december :)

  9. You look just great !!

  10. Tele barve kar poživijo to sivino ;) Super!

  11. super outfit, brezrokavnik je bozanski, jaz sem si ga tudi privoscila ;)
    je bil love at first sight!
    obvezno se javi za kaksno kavico, ko bos na dunaju!!! pisi mi na mail ali fb privat kdaj prides in se zmeniva ;) ce ti je seveda :)

    xo I.

    1. ta brezrokavnik je res carski,se mi zdi da je kr večini všečen :) pr men je bil tud ljubezen na prvi pogled :)
      juuj bi z veseljem se kej oglasla ampak gremo s prijatelcami sam na kratek enodnevni izlet :/ pridem med poletjem za več dni, če boš še dol :) xx

  12. i love your fur vest! thnx for stopping by!
    would you like to follow each other?


  13. you're so gorgerous ! I just love that vest :)

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