How to style: Summer dress in Fall/ Winter...

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In one of my previous "how to style" posts I was asked to make looks with one flower printed piece of 
clothing and mix it with Fall/Winter wardrobe. Challenge accepted! :) Have you ever heard for the 
phrase "layered clothing"? Yes? I bet you did. I'm a weird kind of girl who wears Summer dresses in 
the middle of December and layering clothes is my biiiiig& smart solution, a great way to look chic and 
warm. I choose this pretty & quite girly Summer dress to show you my outfit transformations...

As first- bare legs can look sooo good & fashionable in the winter issue of your favorite stylish 
magazine... But we live in reality and excuse moi girls, bare legs in the middle of the cold Winter can 
quickly look really cheap.( Not sexy (!!!) like most of the young girls think!) So, rule number one:
 use your black tights/ leggings & make sure you don't look like a half-naked Playboy bunny when you 
wear short skirts and dresses in the cold times. Anyways, trendy look is trendy look - loss of words, if 
you ask me. Studs, burgundy, oversized sweaters etc... Haha, as you've probably noticed you can 
always use the same boring "trendy" forml... Mixing the right "hot" trends, that's all.

Well, this look is very, very "me". Pretty dress mixed with black hat, electric blue sweater and Oxford 
shoes, what more can I wish? (if I don't count Über-pretty Douglas Booth, haha :D)

"Bad" chic is quite popular in fashion industry lately, "bad" is the new "kind"... I'm more than obsessed 
with doc Martens boots, leather goods and statement necklaces, so big "YAY" for this edgy trend. 
Parapapapa I'm lovin it...And you? :) They said: " Good girls love bad boys." Huh, in 2012 good boys 
love "bad", stylish girls. Remember:“Stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out.”

Between lady and girly, between trendy and "old school"... Mixing what's in with something that's 
already out? Yup, something like that. More & more popular Marc Jacobs watch can look truly 
awesome in combination with black "lady" poncho, wedge boots and red nails.

P.S. That's all for today, good night. <3 Coldplay - Yellow

12 komentarjev:

  1. good ideas!
    love it
    kisses from milano

  2. Amazing ideas!! Love the retro look! <3


  3. You have a great blog sweetie. :) Love all these inspiration posts. <3

    Kisses from Finland<3

  4. i looooooved the second look, is so girly and femenine. is so in my style

  5. Danes sem oblekla klasično črno oblekco s kratkimi rokavi in čez pulover in šla v shopping pa se mi je zdelo super kul, ker nisem rabila hlač sličit, ko sem hlače probavala :P
    Lepi outfiti <3 :)

    X Deja

  6. Love, love, love this post! :) Great outfits! Can't even pick my favrite!

  7. Great blog, I really like the looks you put together.

    Please come by my fashion blog Pretty Portobello.

    See you soon.

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