Paper romance...

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Sneak peek: Long time has passed since my last outfit post... Shame on me! :) I guess I'm just too 
lazy to take outfit pictures. I'm quite happy in my "home alone" uniform a.k.a. oversized hip-hop  
sweater and baggy pajama. Far, far away from fashion world and feminine look... Dear future 
husband, it's true- when I'm chilling at home I look like a crap. Excuse-moi! Anyways, here's a sneak 
peek of tomorrow's outfit = gold necklace, old karo shirt and my favorite fluffy vest. Stay tuned! :) xx

Don't wanna take a chance on your paper romance anyway... <3 Groove Armada - Paper Romance

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  1. komikomi čakam..zgledaa nor outfit <3 xo

  2. Verižica mi je zelo zelo všeč :)

  3. ze zdej vidim da bo top :D + tut js sm vedno k en cigan doma :D cim bolj razvlecen pulover, tem boljse :D

  4. Love the fluffy vest! Looking forward to the rest of the look!


  5. Izgleda super! Zlata verizica in karo <3

  6. jedva cekam ostatak outfita, ovo izgleda super :)
    oglica je mrak :)

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  8. I love the chain and that plaid skirt! just perfect.

  9. Wow, what a lovely Blog! :)

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  10. can't wait to see everything <3

  11. hi dear...really lovely pictures ^^
    amazing blog...
    what do you think to follow each other? I'll wait for you on my blog...
    kiss and have an happy day