From Kenzo green tiger jumper to Givenchy rottweiler shirt...

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Blogohoholica person who is obsessed with blogs. Fashion blogs, for example. A person who's 
fallowing  at least one hundred blogs and knows every little detail that happens in the life of the so-
called IT girls. I'm not that far...yet. I actually love reading my "alter" list of blogs more than those "I-
got-all-for-free" ones. But from time to time I finde some free minutes and check out girls like Andy, 
Chiara, Carolina etc... Something is certainly true- their dreams have come true. Literally. They 
cooperate with famous designers and travel the world... Not bad, if you ask me. I respect them 
because you have to invest a lot to get this far..."Girls from the next door" successfully transformed
into trendsetters. It's true that there are people who don't appreciate fashion blogs... They have a lot to
say about this "narcissistic" way of blogging but the fact is that many, many girls & boys nowdays is
creating their own style based on social networks such as Lookbook.nuTumblr,... And yes, blogs also play
an important role here. Internet has become our alter ego. Our web Wonderland where we're creating
inspiring collages of things that we like, fallowing people we admire and presenting to others who we are... or
rather- who we want to be. I often ask myself why the hell do I even write a blog? I often thinking about
quitting...But well, I can't just say "by by Dreamland". It's scary, but this web place has become a part of me.
My space to express. Btw, speaking of expression- have you ever noticed the same piece of clothing on all
 famous blogs? I bet you did. We are talking about popular marketing move. I think you know what I'm
saying... My dears, fasten your seat belts and enjoy in a short trendy trip- from Kenzo green tiger jumper to
Givenchy rottweiler shirt.

 Kenzo green tiger jumper: If you haven't seen this green jumper must be blind. Seriously. 
Fashion week street styles and blogs were full of this Kenzo tiger thing.

White faux fur coat: is more and more popular. Especially in combination with black, leather tights and
 big sunglasses. Touch of glamor on the streets!

Givenchy rottweiler shirt:  Edgy ladys in black. Rottweiler is obviously a new favorite pet.

(photo source: blogs Alice Point, The blond Salad, Style Scrapbook, Stockholm street style, Kayture, Fashion vibe + Wehartit and google )

27 komentarjev:

  1. Zakon si napisala, super post, in nic ne bi mela proti ce bi se tele 3 stvari znasle v moji omari :P

    1. Hvala Nika! :) Haha tud jst ne ubistvu :):) xx

  2. how I love that kenzo green jumper...
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Wow I am deffo out the loop haven't seen that jumper before, but now love the Kenzo one. Might need to treat myself for my 21st :)


  4. Noo, don't quiiitt, u're too good! :)
    Sicer se pa strinjam s tabo, ful lepo da jim je ratal in vse, ampak se mi zdi da so se preveč podredile firmam in sprejemanjem cunj v zameno za objave. Osebno se mi zdi da so se mal izpele in nimajo več domišljije za kreativne outfite, kar je ubistvu ful škoda glede na to kok polne omare dreamy cunj majo...
    Okej, zdej sm se ful raspisala XD
    Xoxo, Peppi

    1. Ohb Špela, kera prijaznica :) Hvala! :) In ja, se strinjam- jst sm vse te "znane" ful rada spremljala na začetku zdej so i pa vedno manj navdihujoče, isti kosi v omarah nardijo svoje :D

  5. nice blog :)

    xx Sarah,

  6. that green kenzo sweater looks amazing with everything! I can't believe this!!

    Much Love,

  7. i love that tiger jumper! and jumpers in general, they look so cool and casual at the same time :)

    Love * Monstros no Armário

  8. Hudo napisano. Sem se parkrat nasmejala! :)

  9. yeah these stuff are fab and awesome, but they are not so unique because so many people wear them.

  10. amazing photos ;)
    i love your blog.

  11. awesome ways to wear them, inspiring post! x

  12. Alice wearing this shirt very well, I love her blog

  13. Zelo dobro si napisala in poleg branja sem prikimavala, ker se strinjam. Tudi ko je Nika rekla, da bi se te tri stvari lahko znašle v njeni omari, sem prikimavala še bolj, saj jaz tudi ne bi imela nič proti (:

    1. Hvala Evelina :) In ja, tud jaz se ne bi branila teh stvari... Verjetno bi se jih redko katero dekle :):)

  14. Even if I see this jumper everywhere, the green tiger Kenzo sweater is on my wish list (I will never be able to afford it, but who knows ^^)

  15. cool post. it is sooo true

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