You may say i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one...

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We grew up together... We laughed, cried and dreamed about all those silly things together. And I'm glad to
say that we still do. She's pretty long-haired girl who loves adrenaline, spicy food and new adventures... 
Someone who's ready for for action 24/7 and not afraid of red lipstick & cutting her hair. Well, I'm the 
opposite. Adrenaline is definitely not my middle name and I prefer easy-going lifestyle with lots of coffee and
 morning walks  instead of crazy mountain biking. Yes, we are different as hell but pretty awesome together anyways. :)

When we were little girls our grandfather called us "Zanzibarčka"- his own  family jing jang. Blonde-black
 combination alas two girls who did lots of stupid childish things and were dressed n the most awful things in 
childhood. :) Good times, good times! Ladies and gentlemens, it's time to show you  our mini photoshoot that 
we made in my fashionable room a couple of weeks ago... My cousin Maša looks like a model and as you 
know I love to pretend that I know how to take photos & create outfits. We had a great time playing 
dressing up and all I can say is that some girls never grow up. :)  I hope you like the pictures and be sure to 
tell me what you think...

Nostalgic song. <3   Pearl Jam - Last kiss

P.s. I totally forgot to publish this on my blog... I had an interview for Wannabe magazine 
a few weeks ago...You can read it HERE. :) 

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  1. hude fotke, pa btw a je tole v tvoji sobi polepljeno? big lajk!

    1. Hvala Nika! Drugač pa ja- v moji sobi, ubistvu živim v reviji haha :D xx

  2. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  3. Gorgeous pictures, love it :)

  4. Adore these photos. Love the edits! :)

    Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

  5. kakšne fotke, božansko¨! :D
    zares všeč. čisto nostalgično, malo vintage in pridih Marlyn...

    like it, xoox, Nina

    1. :) hvala Nina, me veseli da oddajajo pridih vsega lepega :) xx

  6. Beautiful pictures and your are right, you are not the only one, I am a dreamer too ;)


  7. I love all these pictures. Especially the first one. Beautiful :) lovely blog! I am now following xx

  8. Super fotke, ostani sanjačka še naprej :D

  9. Lepo napisano, lep model in noro dobra stena (:

  10. This is a beautiful post. I love the photographs. You have a great blog, and I'm following you now!

  11. Very nice pictures! Nice blog too!

  12. Ful dobre fotke! Pa čipkasta obleka je fuul lepa. Čestitke za intervju! *

  13. I love that PJ song and you look lovely in your pics.

    Sandra @

  14. I've to say: Nice pictures;)
    &here's a blog you may like:

    PS: Sorry for the bad english. I'm from germany.;)