Live for now, forget forever...

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Free, "take-it-easy" Sunday afternoons are like cherry on the top of the super busy week... I spent mine in 
the city center drinking coffee in my favorite coffee bar, eating delicious Chinese food and chit chatting with 
my fab friends about life and our plans for the for the future. I can not believe how time flies, seriously. Just 
one week left till the first college semester?? Wooow, slow down time, slooooow down! But in the other 
hand I just can't wait to begin a new chapter in my life. My last Summer was honestly muuuuuch crazier than 
this one but I learn some important life lessons this year and that counts the most. Now I know that you gotta 
take some chances, you gotta risk losing it all...You gotta close your eyes and leap because sometimes it 
might be worth the fall. Some mistakes are too much fun to only make it once and you know me- if I don't 
die the first time most likely I will do it again. :) Live for now, forget forever? Challenge accepted.

Anyways, here's my outfit post after a long time... Me, in casual version. It's nothing special at all- leather 
leggings in combination with white blazer, big bag & studded loafers. Voilà, this is how I put my  really easy-
going looks in, two minutes? :) Have a nice week everyone and make some memories! ;) xx

* wearing: leder leggings Forever 21, shirt TW, sweater Zara, studded DIY shoes, blazer Orsay, neon necklace H & M, bag
 World of Accessories *  And pretty thanks to Ana for the photos! :)

All the things you hate I find fun, things you wanna see are just done...  Example - Midnight run

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  1. Mmm super :) res mi je všeč tale outfit :) pa bel blazerček.. Že en cajt iščem enga mal daljšega, ki bi me prepričal :)

    1. Hvala Anja! Jst sm lih ta tedn vedla enga ful lepega v H & M ki je prepričal mene :) xx

  2. super si napisala! outfit je ful lep in torbica je gorđs! <3 xx

  3. tale outfit je pa meni pisan na kožo. top!!

  4. Stylish look and lovely blog!! If you want we cab follow each other :D


  5. Huda! Ful mi je všeč bel blazer :)

  6. Vedno tako lepa :) Torbica je pa čist top :D

    1. Hvala Jasmina :) Torbica je pa verjetno kar moja najljubša :) xx

  7. woww you are so perfect with that blazer, its suit you :) Gorgeous!
    Im following you now, mind to follow back? :* Also you can enter my giveaway and can get a free legging from Choise! <33

  8. You look great:)!
    Let's follow each other via bloglovin? Would love to, let me know!

  9. ful lustna pa super kombinacija! :)

  10. I love your blazer, nice look!

  11. Zakon outfit =) čist stylish!!


  12. oh, wow, you have so pretty style :)