Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together....

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Red lipstick is my middle name. My secret weapon for bad days, party nights and a mysterious smile.
You can take my mascara, eyeliner, shadows or my entire make-up purse...just let me keep my
collection of red lipsticks. Bright red, dark red, the shiny one...say "Hello" to your new sister- a kick-ass
 red lipstick from the first collection of  glamorous make-up star Dita Von Teese for ARTDECO.
This small package made my holidays even sweeter and I bet I'll wear it a lot. Watch out boys, haha. :)

(Wearing: Top Shop earrings, H&M blouse & skirt, Pull and bear bag, Artdeco red lipstick )

P.S. Marilyn Monroe inspired me with her perfect red lipstick look when I was just a little girl ... and this love
is still very much alive. Always was & always will be. Take care and have a nice day...The Drums - The Future

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  1. Love your photos so much, beautiful x

  2. Paše ti zeloo, pa nora srajčka <3

  3. zelo lepe slikce. šminkica ti paše ;)

  4. Kok pa teb pase rdeca sminka, noro! Super fotke so :)

  5. ooo. šminkica zmaga! pa tut tebi neverjetno paše in zelo si lepa! :)
    xo Deja

  6. pretty girl and pretty outfit!

    Want you to invite to my faketattoo giveaway <3

  7. Nice lipstick and awesome style!!!! Great blog!!!!
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    the scent of glamour

  8. Drage moje, hvala za vse vaše lepe komentarje...Nardijo bloganje miljon slajše :) :) xx

    Thank's girls*

  9. Ocitno so se odlocil vsem blogerkam tole podarit. Najbolj zastonjska reklama ever :)

  10. Marilyn is a classic icon and I'm totally in love with your look with the sultry red lips xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?