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Dear brain, sorry for overloading you with thoughts about yummy Cocktails and sleepless nights full of fun and partys...
I have lots of work to do. So pleeeeeease...STOP daydreaming about Summer and FOCUS on the exams!I mean seriously!!
My life plan these days? Wake up - learn - survive - go back to bed.  No kidding.  Exams are officially here and this month will be hell.
Keep your fingers crossed for me,  I'll try to do my best. :) Anyway I hope you'll enjoy this "Take a Break " post - It's full of cherries,
strawberries and other little things that make my life sweeter during this stressful time. It's nothing better than cup of delicious
 coffee with cream, freshly squeezed orange juice and some fruit. La vita è bella! Kisses from your blogger geek Maja. *

Turn down the lights. Turn down the bed. Turn down these voices inside my head... Peaceful song: Bon Iver - I can't make you love me

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  1. obožujem sadje,mmm :D
    &srečno na izpitih! xx

  2. mmm mnjami slikce! :) pa seveda srecno z izpiti! :)*

  3. oh izpiti, how i hate you... ampak tole zgleda pa božansko :D
    Xoxo, Peppi

  4. Beautiful photos of food! There's nothing better than eating fruits in summer. Cherries is definitely my favorite! xoxoxo

  5. Hmmm looks so good! :D Good luck with the exams!

  6. looks delicious! xx


  7. These photos are so cute & Summery! I feel the same way, it's so difficult to concentrate & study when Summer thoughts are tugging away at your mind. Good luck with your exams, I know you'll do fabulously :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  8. Cool! Subscribe all who can. And I subscribe to you too!

  9. haha aw no, i hope you survive it! and your post instantly made me feel calm. Calm and hungry.