Step out of your skin, put it in a jar...

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 I feel a little bit overwhelmed lately with so many things to do and so little time...This Saturday is premiere of our drama
 with name Dancing with the moon and I'm scared. Well, scared and excited. But I guess that everything will be just fine.
 To live a creative life, you must lose your fear of being wrong... Am I right? Anyways, my outfits this days are
casual with big C. Week without high heels and fancy dresses. No glamour or glitter. I'm hanging around in my favorite
sneakers, oversized pullovers and mint jeans. Big bag is a must. Most of the time I spend my days in front of computer
 with my geek Ray Bans on... I really need to finish all this college crap before Summer.
Keep your fingers crossed for me, dolls! Just lately my concentration and memory have gone from bad to really bad.
I need to get myself together, seriously! How about you, suck inside on a rainy day as well?

(wearing: H&M jeans, vintage pullover, Zara blouse, bag from London)

Hugs and this song, just for you... MGMT - We don't care

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  1. najlepša ženkica :*****

  2. Najraj mam pa tvoje slikce <3

  3. Ful všeč! Sploh kombinacija puloverja in srajčke je res kul.

  4. love it... super slikce in outfit <3

  5. ful luštn outfit in fotke! & break a leg ;) xx

  6. Kera je kjut ta 3ja slikica- come and get my lollipop if you dare :D

  7. Evica: najlepši komentarji iz pod tipk ženkice <3 hvala :*

    KLemen: ajuuuuj, kok pa polepšu dan! hvala ti! :)

    Tamaras Blend: hvala! me veseli da ti je všeč :)

    Iraya: hvala ti :):)

    mushei: en velik nasmeh pa ful hvala :)

    . . . the girl with the leopard ballerinas . . Punktchen: Thank you girls :) xx

    Ana: hihi, hvala :* sugar overdose spet :D

  8. I loooove this outfit girly! Casual and cute, your color mixing skills are wonderful :)
    So inspirational!


  9. Love the mix of colour and pattern. The photos are beautiful too!

  10. Love your sneakers!
    Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)

  11. wow i love the color combo. The pastel Pullover is just amazing <3

  12. Glam or casual, you are definitely cute with a capital C! Love all these light & bright colours on you :) And good luck with your school work - I definitely know how hard is is to concentrate this time of year!

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

    1. Shawna and her lovely coments <3 I really can't belive how nice you are :):) Thanks a lot :)**

  13. kok je pa tazadnja slika božanska<3

  14. your style is gorgerous ! I like your blog a lot, I'm gonna follow you <:

  15. Cudovite slikce! pa ful lustna kombinacija :)) lizika je pa top! :)) tako sem vedno hotla met ko sem bla mejhna :)))

  16. These photos are AMAZING, You look so lovely! Definitely has an uplifting summery feel to it! x

  17. oh my goodness, I'm dying over how amazing your blog and your pictures are! and I love love love your style, it has so much character :) ♥