RUNWAY: The apple does not fall far from the tree...

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Warm Wednesday night in our beautiful city was reserved for tasty cup of Tea, my stylish friend and a fashion show...
Pika Justinek presented us her environmentally friendly male collection  with name Timelessness based on black colour.
 Sincerely...Nothing left me speechless, but I think that collection is very wearable and I absolutely wouldn't mind
 seeing her creations on our streets. *hint, hint boys* Every man needs a classic black blazer with interesting details and some style, am I right?
The show was supplemented by Prisha Justinek  Alfirev's female line which was all white... Prisha is very young but full of fashion experiences and one of my favorite slovenian top models. I must say that she is talented for design as well.The apple apparently does not fall far from the tree...
Fashion lesson: Mother and daughter can rock the stage together...More about the collection on Pika Justinek official site.
Photos are blurred with a reason... I just wanted to show you the magical power of fashion.

P.s.  On repeat today:Lykke Li - I Fallow Rivers (remix)

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  1. wonderful photos<3
    please visit me in free time:)

  2. Zgleda fajn! tale komad je pa tud pri meni skos na repeat! :)


  3. love the pictures and the textures and colors! :)

  4. love the pics and your song on repeat...

    xo I.

  5. kok dobre fotke <3 you keep getting better and better ;)


  6. these pics are so inspiring dear!
    Adorable love your blog
    x the cookies