We talked the morning away...

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When I started this blog I never realised how much blogging can change your life... Dreamland of sky and sand has become
 an important part of my everyday and when I look back I can see that creating a blog was a choice made out of curiosity.
A good choice. All the amazing friends I've made, new opportunities & experiences, lots of inspirational people I met...
Quite amazing.:) Photos below are taken from our last mini blogger "cup of coffe and gossiping" meeting.
Three ladys with different styles and lots of fun = Ana, Špela and I. :)

Stay young.Make love.Cuz someday they'll try to break u break u...

Incredible talent and music. And as always I need to share it with you, my dears: LP -Someday

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  1. I love these photographs! I'm glad I got into blogging too! Don't know how I'd live without it! xx

  2. Ni vam para! =)


  3. What great cameras you have girls!!! I'm so jealows, whan something like that!!!!!!

  4. oh yes, thats so true! i started 5 years ago, then stopped cos it wasnt a good thing to have a blog but now i reactivated my page and i cannot pass a day without it! so much fun! :)
    take care!

  5. you have a great blog! :)


  6. Ehhh, nice people! <3 Pretty thanks to all :*