Somebody That I Used To Know...Philips Fashion Week. (Day 3)

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Bonjour Dolls! 
Those who cares already knows everything about PFW 2012 collections so I decided to write this post a bit different.
Once upon a time Yves Saint Laurent said:
 "Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it." 
 True that, Mr. YSL. I couldn't agree more with you. So my outfit choice for the last day of PFW was very "me". 
Yeah, I do love high heels and fabolous dresses but glamy rock chic is more my cup of tea. 
My dear friend Alja took some photos before the show and here they are:

Murphy's Law ("If anything can go wrong, it will") has been proven true once again...
My camera and low battery on the last night, wtf! Whywhywhy?!! So unfortunately I can show you 
just a few creations from my favorite Slovenian designer Nina Šušnjara. 
I truly love her sense of style and brilliant A/W 2012 collection.
I also liked JSP collection and bags from legendary lady Grošelj were just awesome.

Nina Šušnjara Collection:

Btw, Her runway soundtrack was perfect:
(you gotta loooove it :) )

Well, I'm back to the real life now... I replaced fashion shows for college work. 
I admit: after 3 days full of fashion everyday life tastes boring as hell.  xoxo

P.s. For the end: detail photos from Alja and me before the show.

18 komentarjev:

  1. tole tvojo fotko sm že pr alji vidla in sm čis navdušena! totalno moj stil,oh, ne morm se te nagledat pretty <3

  2. iiijjjooojjj kako lepa kiklca oz. oblekica <3

  3. juuuj, luškana! in ta tvoj klobukec ti res paše, super outfit uglaunem :D
    Xoxo, Peppi

  4. pika, mislm da se bova medve kr v šiško v podhod preselile, najlepše slike ratujejo tam:*

  5. Joj spet krasne slike in super outfit :) mogoce se pa kdaj v siska podhodu srecmo hehe ;P nina je pa tut zakon! :)

  6. Oh wow! Thanks for introducing me to Nina Šušnjara, what a beautiful collection, especially the dusty pink outfit! Love your outfit too!

  7. Mushei: jooooooj, kilometerski hvala :) zelo zelo vesela da ti je všeč, res :) xx

    Mancina: poljubci letijo k top modelu :* :)

    Sandryca: Hvala ti! Ena iz med mojih najljubših oblekc hoho :) xx

    Špela: eee mučisimo graciazzz, kr obožavam tele klobučke :) xx

    Alja: haha, jaaaa! to bre! zelo za, vsi outfit shootingi bojo od zdaj iz tm :) :*

    Ni Ka: hvala :) ma Nina je res super kul, top of the top :D se srečamo v podhodu torej :) :) xx

    .sparkle* : joj hvala :*

    FAIIINT: Yap, Nina is really fantastic :) And thank you :) xx

  8. Your blog is absolutely awesome! I just had to follow you ♥

  9. Čudoviti! Ti si taka rock princeska, Alji bi pa pokradla celo škatlico z nakitom! :)

  10. SO in love with that skirt. very cute and unique. reminds me of a sweet mermaid.

    found the route

  11. Great outfit!:) Sorry, but i don't speak Englisch :(

  12. wow wow wow you look absolutely amazing!!!! :) that skirt is stunning! love this look soo much! :D

  13. Love the dusty pink of the skirt with the black! You have a really nice blog here I'm definetly following!
    Cara x

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