She moves in her own way.

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Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past and planning the future... 
Apparently there comes a time in our life when we need to stop deciding exactly what we want and just see what happens...
I took a little brak from blogging this weekend. A little bit of time for me to clear my head...Looking in the clear blue sky,
eating delicious strawberry cake, painting my nails, drinking cocktails and spending time with my favorites.

Well, life is an experiment and there is just one for each of us: our own. Living life to the fullest? Yes, my point exactly.
  And you know- my blog is my little life project, my favorite wast of time. I just wanted to thank you for all your backup.
Thanks for every lovely comment and every single fallower. It wouldn't be much fun crating this space without you!
I really want to make this blog better and better with time so talk to me, dear dolls! What would you like to see more of?
What do you love about beeing here? Do you want to see more DIY posts? More outfits? Inspirational photos?
 Well, tell me your ideas. :) xoxo

The song of this post: The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way

13 komentarjev:

  1. Love the pictures, such sweety colors. Beautiful!



  2. ma dej, tok so spet lepe fotke da sm cist brez besed! wau! z napisanim se pa cisto strinjam, bloganje je enostavno super :) keep up the good work ;)


  3. ja pa iii kok lepe fotkice<3

  4. ful dobre slike pa komad,itak! :) x

  5. I agree completely. There comes a time when one needs to stop thinking and just live. There's a really well-known phrase that says "life is what happens while you're busy making plans." Food for thought :)

    xo Joana

  6. Great photos

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment, Maja. You are so sweet. I can't wait to read through your blog and look for some new style inspiration. x

  8. Ohh kok cudovite slikce! Beautiful <3

  9. outfiti, lepe slike, jaz osebno najbolj obožujem, bloge z lastnimi, čudovitimi fotkami, idejami in zanimivim inspiring stilom :)) keep up the great job! xx

  10. wow krogci na prvi slikci :) kako to nardiš? drgač pa vse lepe ;)



  11. Love the photos, what you said, & that song! I adore your blog Maja, I think it has the perfect mix of elements & it's always so interesting to read (not to mention well-written!). For that reason I can't offer you anything to improve on, but I'm sure you'll come up with ways to make it even more amazing :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  12. Lily: Thanks a lot :*

    Ni Ka: joj hvala zelo zelo :) Mene pa res veseli da nas je vedno več blogerk v Sloveniji :) Je lušno brat in čekerat fajn poste in "domačega" okolja :)

    Alja: :) Poljubci carici med fotografinjami :):*

    Mushei: Hvalahvalahvala! Res :) Sm zmeri vesela tvojih komentarčkov in tega da so ti posti všeč :) Kooksi so pa itaq carji indie muske :)

    Joana: Ohh, thanks Joana :) Means a lot :) xx

    Nicola: Thanks :) xx

    Temporary:Secretary: Awww, thanks so so much :) xx

    Slađi: Hvala ti :) Čist sem navdušena nad temi kolažki :) xx

    Nina: En velik & vesel HVALA :) Jst tud ful rada pregledujm DIY poste, se bom potrudla čimprej objavit kakega svojega :)

    Carolina: ena ful carska spletna stran dela čudeže :) prečekiri :) xx

    Shawna: Ahh, once again- you left me speechless with your lovely coment :) It means a world to me, really. Thanks a lot :) xx

  13. I ADORE your bag, you've got a gorgeous blog!

    -LAURA xx