Philips Fashion Week. (Day 2)

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It's officially over. Say goodbye to Philips fashion week 2012 and clap your hands for those who 
made this event possible. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed every second of it.
Some designers impressed me, some didn't take my breath away... 
Anyways, here are some photos from the second day of PFW. Better late than never... 

My "Philips Fashion Week day 2" outfit. Vintage glamour wannabe.
Tesa and her gorgeous neon bag.

My idol in shooting, legendary Alja before the fashion show.
Pretty ladys also known as bloggers.
Looking inside a gift bag...

Fashion show, part 1:

Urša Drofenik
Simona Lampe
Maja Štamol
Ymocion by Vladimir Kralj
Miro Misljen

Fashion break and some paparazzi photos:

 Petra Windschnurer from Elle Magazine
 Dare to be different, but do it in style!
 Tesa and Eva Ana having fun.
Stylish as always, Prusnik twins. Eva & Nika. 
Let's get this party started! Before the fashion show; part two. Busy lady's.
  Little details make the outfit extra special. I like!
Bloggers in the house. Ana with her friend Petra.
Fashion show, part 2:

Firma by Sanja Grcić
Nicola de Main
Aleksandra Brlan
Maja Ferme Fashion
What about really pretty photos from PFW?Clik here.

By by folks, see you soon!

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  1. Suuuper fotke! Maja Štamol se je izkazala, mi je zelo všeč <3

  2. hude fotke! pa taprva je top <3

  3. haha majči,a si mal paparazzi?:D hvala ti miškica, mwa:*
    p.s.: hud report!

  4. beautiful pictures! ♥

  5. uuu na 3ji fotkici pa poznam Aleksandro :) a ona ma tut blogec?

    1. Hmmm...3 fotkica in Aleksandra? ne da bi jaz vedla :)

    2. lih zdj ugotavljava s to Aleksandro, da je ta punca na sredini ista ona... a mi lahko poveš kdo je to, ker jo res zanima :D

    3. tm na 4 slikici so Tesa, Lea pa Nastja :) Nastja je punca na sredini pa skupi z Leo piše za ŽVPLJ :) :)

  6. Hi,
    I would like to introduce you to my new blog: The Magic World of Lily -
    Hope you like it : )


  7. Res ful lepa in res ful hud že veš :) pa ful so mi zmer ušeč tvoje slike!!

  8. i was surprised and still am how slovenia (a.k.a. ljubljana) is very creative in terms of design and art. i love the city and almost everything in it. cant wait for my third visit.

  9. Selma: Hvalalalala :) A lot, res :) xx

    PR: It's really nice to hear that and yes, Ljubljana is very very creative. Im in love with our little city too :)