My glamorous mornings...

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I'm not what you would call a morning person...Not at all.I'm a night bird who loves loud music, too much cocktails
 and flirty smiles.However, I find a way to get through early mornings with a big smile on my face.   
Wanna hear my recipe?  On the list for perfect glamorous mornings are: 
* My favorite extra yummy smoothie made from strawberry, banana and yogurt.
* Fresh orange juice.    *Vanilla cappuccino    * Fashion blogs and magazines.

As you probably already know I'm addicted to music so my favorite songs are part of my daily routine as well.
 This one is just perfect for waking up: Cee Lo Green - What Part Of Forever

Have a great day everyone,
lots of love! xoxo

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  1. njaminjami jutra! aveš uno ko greš z veseljem spat ker veš da te zjutrej čaka smoothie? haha<3

  2. Tale smoothie zgleda njamii :))

  3. oh i love your blog!!!!! what an AWESOME pics, way to go gal!!:)x