Wishlist: 10 things I want for Spring.

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I just hate that awkward moment when I open my closet full of different clothes and my brains start schriming:
 "You got nothing to wear!!!" Then I start to do panic dance around my room and wonering how the hell is this possible?
I've been shopping all my life and still have nothing to wear? Wtf?! But yes, this situation happens time to time.Well, almost every morning. But let's call it confession of a typical woman... :)

If we got some money in our pocket to spend is shopping pretty simple thing to do: we'll spend it all. With pleasure. 
Spending money for those pretty "to die for" shoes or a new gorgeous dress? Hell yes, we call it our favorite hobby.
When we're up, we shop. When we're down, we shop even more... 

I really want to save my money for more "important" things in life than a new pair of shoes... But you know how it goes:
it feels like mission impossible sometimes. Anyway, here is my "10 things I want for Spring"  wishlist...
Let's look what's on it:

 I totally fell in love with this "trouble maker" T-shirt... It looks like a normal, simple T-shirt but I truly LOVE it
. Maybe is the main reason why I like it so much fact that I can be a hard core trouble maker if I want to.
 Hohoho *evil laugh* :D

Studdend shorts are must be this Spring.Girls, remember that!
 They look fabulous and make every outfit a bit more unique.

Colorful ballerinas can be pretty!Yeah, we love high hells but if you ask me everyday life in ballerinas is
 much more simple. Ahh and those awesome ballerinas from my wishlist photo...They will definitely stole your heart.

Big cool necklace. I just can't get enough of them. They can make every outfit look a bit more classy and
 fabulous. And we dress to impress, don't we?

Mint green pants are actually my wish number 1. I saw perfect par of them in Vero Moda and I can't wait 
to get my next pay to buy them.

Perfect floral dress. Every girl needs a little black dress and a cute floral one.

 This sweater looks really interesting and in combination with studdend shorts and some drop dead
 gorgeous hells will be nothing less then perfect.

 New hat!!! As you know I'm quite obsessed with hats past few months so this is my "Spring/Summer"
 version of a perfect accessorize.

Yellow heels. I know that almost every blogger have a pair of JC high heels right now but these yellow 
one are something special, aren't they?
  I'm searching for this wild spirit T-shirt for years...

So dear dolls, what do you think about my wishlist? And don't forget to tell me your fashion wishes!

Have a great day everyone and enjoy this song:

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  1. se kr javljam, da tut moji omari kdorkoli dostavi tale paketek ful luštnih stvari! :)
    Moja n.1 stvar na spisku so trenutno sicer asimetrične oblekce in krilca :D
    Xoxo, Peppi

  2. shortke pa verižico bi takoj mela! lep WL :D

  3. oh, yes please! tudi v mojo omaro :D pa thumbs up za kookse,love them <3

  4. oh oh awesome...I went shopping the other day. I know this "nothing-to-wear" feeling i have this all the time

  5. Ooo, jaz bi hlače, verižico in klobuk!

  6. hmmm.. sprašujem se če je tukaj sploh kj kar js nebi mela?! ;)) top wl

    1. Jst tut, ena popolna spomladanska wish-lista je tole :)

  7. Love the green pants! (:

    Check out my blog & follow? (:

  8. Thanks a lot :) xx

    p.s. bom se probala pogodit s kšno dobro vilo da nam vsem pošlje tale paketk :D to bi blo kr kul :D xx

  9. shorts!

    and number 7 and number 5!

    is it already very warm spring in Slovenija?

    she foxhead

  10. Hi! i did not know about ur blog and is lovely!! i'm following you now, what about following eachother? :)


  11. oh my gosh, I need all of that!

  12. Love all of it but especially love the yellow JCs ! xxx www.haemeandrobecca.blogspot.com

  13. love this stuff, especially no. 10 the wild spirit tee. do u know where it's from? have seen it in an online-shop, if u're still looking for it i can send u the link :-)