Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"

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Do you feel it? Spring is in the air!!! 
At some point in your life new opportunities are coming your way and the future is exciting and bright.
It's likely that you have been stuck in bit of a rut, but that's all about to change... You feel excited and you have million plans.
 All of sudden, the world is much more colorful. I just love those days when you can't stop smiling. Spring is definitely time to explore and challenge yourself. You gotta love sunshine,bare legs and feeling of freedom.  

Besides that I think that we can finally enjoy in fashion. By by coat, I won't miss you at all...
On my "top pieces for Spring" list this year are colorful blazers, interesting T-shirts, pastels
and some pretty white things,... I also like to wear ballerinas and my almost significant piece: black hat. 
It's nothing better than walking down the street with lound music on my Ipod and smile on my face.
I hope you all enjoy the warm weather and sunshine...
Make some pretty good memories and have a great weekend dolls! xoxo 

(leggings & necklace: Forever 21, bag: Pull and Bear, hat: Pieces, T- shirt from London, sweater: Dorothy Perkins, photos: stardust and roses )

The song of this post: The Beatles - Here comes the sun

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  1. iii ful luskana! :D
    Hvalabogu da je koncno toplo, dost mam jaken in plascev...
    Xoxo, Peppi

  2. You look great, I love your style!

    Great blog, I'm following :)


  3. Pazi da ti klobučka ne odpihe, ker ti resnično pristaja---> kjutiš <3

  4. Your Outfit is gorgeous. I love the sweater!!


  5. haha, ne boš mi verjela, meni se je tudi porajala po glavi here comes the sun again :)))
    zato pa je tudi tak naslov zadnje objave...

    nice post girl, upam da se kej kmal vidmo hug

  6. prou en sonček si! =) uživaj maljon na uro =)

    1. ti bom kr tle napisala d boš zihr vidla! =)
      klikn na tale link http://www.linkwithin.com/learn?ref=widget upiš v desn spodnji okvirček vse kar zahteva in pol naprej te bo text usumerjal, če ti pa kj nbo šlo p piši! =)*

    2. Hvala ti miljon! tamali otrosi bi rekl do zvezdic pa nazaj :):*

  7. Yessssssss! WELCOME SPRING!!!

  8. love the shirt..what about following each other? follow me and I follow back..
    have a nice day.

  9. the shirt is amazing!!! :)


  10. i do love this outfit.. its nice!

  11. kjutipaj!<3 pa lajk za komad :D

  12. Cool outfit! Totally looove your bag!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


    Mia's Little Corner

  13. Hello tiger- great t-shirt :) Check my new post and follow me if you want and I`ll follow back! Kisses from Poland :)

  14. Amejzing! Popoln outfit in ful lepe fotke :)

  15. Peppi: jiiij hvala :) aneeeee, jst sm že kr obolevala na koncu, res nism zimski tip človeka :D

    tok mi je carsko zdej lepo v blazerjih pa lahkih jakncah okol hodt, najbolš res :) xx

    Vanessa: oh thank you so much for your coment, it's really nice to read such a nice coment :) xx

    Sandryca: haha veš da mam res probleme s tem :D pa hvala :*

    Hilal: Pretty thank you, I'm glad you think tha's gorgeous :) xx

    IRENA: ej vrjamem, prou tak pomladno poleten komad k ti k ga enkrat spustiš notr ne gre iz glave, jst si ga že ceu vikend rmram, pomoje sm že vsem jako dosadna njahaha :)

    pa ful hvala, jst tud upam da se nam čimprej uspe nabrat na kupu pa mal lušno popričat :) xx

    Mancina: ajuuuj, ti bi si prav že šopek pa bonboniero za svoje komentarje zaslužla :) enako! xx

    Zoe: hell yes, spring is awesome, isn'it? :) and thankssss a lot girl, xx

    Pretty mess: thank you, I'll cheek your blog for sure :) xx

    Tesa: eee hvala ti, uvožena iz Londona :) :*

    ATW: thank you, I love it too :) xx

    L*: thank you girl, I'm really happy that youlike it :) :*

    Mushei: hvala ti zelo zelo :) xx

    Mia: thank you! :) xx

    Vegaa: hello hello :) yap, I'll cheek it for sure, xoxo

    Eva: hvalahvalahvala, me veseli da ti je všeč post :*

    Carolina: Hvala ti, men se tud zdi da hje kr carska ja :D xo

  16. I always enjoy reading your posts - they are so well written & you have a flair for always seeing the bright side of things. Although it's still Winter here, I'm really looking forward to Spring & the freshness it brings to everything. Just reading this post of yours made me smile thinking about it!
    As for your Spring outfit sans coat, I'm loving it! The coral bag is particularly delightful :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  17. Ana: Juj hvala ti :) xx

    Shawna: Awww Shawna, thank you so so much, really mean a world to me <3