No place like London! (part 2)

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Happiness is a choice. This secret took me years to discover... 
I was always life optimist but also one of those people who loved the word "someday". 
But  I woke up one morning with very simple question to myself: "Why the hell not today?"
I think that a lot of people love dreaming about perfect life... And what they do to make their dreams come
 true? Nothing. Truth is that head in the clouds dosen't hellp you. You actually need to change your "someday" into "today".
I realized I need to give all in everything I do, commit my goals and never compare myself with anyone else.
I surround myself with the best people and choose friends I'm really proud to know.
Well, when you discover that life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happines out of you, you discover a lot...
My college timetabel this semester is insane and I really wanted to run away for a while.
 Although London is thought of as being a "rainy" city I spent there 5 perfect sunny days. Quite cool, isn't it? :)
Slowly the weather is getting really nice even here, in Ljubljana and with any luck the cold will go away soon too.
 Spring is on it's way, hip hip hurrey! :) I promised to poste more pictures and here they are. Enjoy my dears! XOXO

The song of this post: Pursuit Of Happiness - Kid Cudi

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE those picsssssssss!

  2. aaaa,fotke! <3 pa tvoja torbica je tako leeeepa!

  3. Res lepe fotke, prav užitek jih je gledat! <3
    In se strinjam z napisanim, čeprav sem sama bolj v 'nekoč'...
    Torbica pa res noro lepa!

  4. Londoooooooooon again! You're lucky!*

  5. will you marry me? =)

  6. Alja: Ma alora dio mio srce ke sem zelooo vesela da so ti všeč sličice :)*

    Zoe: Ohh, pretty thank you :*

    Mushei: Hvala Mushei, mam skrito željo nekoč nabavit malo boljši aparat in jih fotografirala z boljšo kvaliteto ampak je res res fajn slišat da so tud z digitalcem lepo izpadle :) torbica je pa tud men takoj padla v oči; sm jo mogla met in pika :)

    beba: joj hvala beba, res lepo prebrat tak komentar :) torbica je pa tud men taaaak všeč, vse kar je mint mi je itaq pisano na kožo :)

    Mexiquer: Yeaaah, I know! Just can't get enough of it <3

    klemen: :) haha, mislm da ma moj blog zdaj uradno najbol carski komentar po tvoji zaslugi :) p.s. I'll do! :D

    MissViking: Thanks! :) xx

  7. Oh girl.. you make me wanna go to London! Super, super fotke in super napisano! Se popolnoma strinjam z napisanim! And you know what... you seem to be a lucky girl and that's why I like you and your blog!

    Love, Ania.

  8. Haha. Kok kul. A dobim kakšno lento? =D

  9. ko gledam te tvoje ful kul luštne slikce pa še bolj komej čakam London :D
    Xoxo, Peppi

  10. Omg, kako lepo si to napisala! Prav inspiracijo si mi dala :) Slikce so pa čisto preveč mikavne!

  11. Klemen: ne sam lento! še svarovski kronco pa šopk njami čokoladnih lizik :D not bad a? :)

    Špela: hehe, še mal še mal pa boš tam :) pa hvala glede fotkic :*

    Tamaras: Juj hvala zelo zelo, men pa inspiracijo dajejo taki lepi komentarji :) :)

  12. čist mi je nora tvoja torbica :)

  13. Ania: Nimam besed, hvala za tak čudovit komentar :*

    Klemen: :):)

    Sandryca: juuuj hvala, men je tud fejst všeč :) Mint obsedenka, priznam :)

    Clouds: Thanks :)

  14. I LOVE the studded boots !! <3

  15. Wow, great pictures :) & nice blog

  16. Really love the colors in your pictures.
    Thank you for the comment on my blog.

    x Romi

  17. Amazing photos of London & I really love what you had to say about optimism & happiness as a choice; the plain & simple truth. Found this post really inspiring & I must say your gorgeous & lively photos make me so excited for my move to London this coming summer (MY choice toward happiness ;) So glad you shared these photos & thoughts!

    <3 Shawna

  18. Once again: gorđs! :) + eden izmed mojih najljubših komadov :)

  19. Thanks girls, nice coments always made my day :) xx

  20. Wow ! Dejansko še nism bla v Londonu, ampak zdej k sm še tvoje fotke + navdušenje vidla, I need to buy a ticket!! :)
    Ej top fotke! + najNAJlepša torbica! :)

  21. jooooj hvala, taki komentarji so mi najljubši :) me veseli, da sm prenesla navdušenje do tega mesta še na koga, jst ga res res obožujem :) xx

  22. adijo torbica! pa hude slikce delaššššššš:)

  23. Where did you buy your bag?
    I feel in love with it!

    1. Hello there... It's from London Primark :)