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 Hello pretty faces, I'm back with some photographs I took today with my new Ray Bans...
I quite love this "geek chic" look and let's admit it- Johnny Depp looks extra yummmi in them.
 The main reason why I'm really happy that glasses are in style now is that I have terrible eyesight...
I usually wear contacts, but hey- life without them is much more easier.

Big retro glasses most of the people remind on hipsters... 
People who wear tight jeans, old-school sneakers, plaid shirts, and probably hat and some tattoos. 
But you know what, I don't think looking like a hipster is bad. Actually I think they have a great sense of 
style and c'mon girls, let's admit it- a guy with Ray Bans and vintage style can actually look damn good.
 What do you dolls think? xoxo                 

 (Wearing: Tommy Hilfiger shoes, jeans Zara, hat Pieces, sweater Primark )

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14 komentarjev:

  1. big lajk za slike, you pretty girl! pa za komad tud,awesome<3

  2. Ua, hud komad. Fotke pa tako kot vedno-najboljše in najlepše. =)


  3. Iii ful luškana! Welcome to the geeks club :P
    Xoxo, Peppi

  4. hude fotke, pašejo ti očalca :)

  5. I completely agree with you! And I LOVE these glasses. You look great! :)

  6. ful ti pašejo tale očalca :)

  7. cudowny kapelusz :)
    Pozdrawiam Julka :)

  8. Mushei: Juuuuj daj, bom še zardela :D Ful ti hvala :) xx

    Klemen: oooooo ma kak lep komentar, hvala Klemen, means a lot res :) in ja- komad je pa itak top shit, xx

    Špela: Hvalaaa, geekci napadajo Lj. hah :) xx

    .sparkle*: joj hvala :) xx

    Barby: Pretty thanks girl :*

    Ni Ka: Mučisimo hvala Nika :) xx

    Sandryca: Thanksss :*

    NinaSfada: Hvala ti :) Men kr vedno bolj všeč postajajo :) xx

  9. Se strinjam z ostalimi komentarji, full ti sedejo ta retro ocala! Meni so zeloooo vsec na drugih, meni pa ne pasejo najbolje :) but i really want them!!zato se grem pa skoraj vsak mesec znova prepricat k optiku :)

  10. I like the way how you edit the pictures! ♥ love it

  11. Slađi: hvala ti :) men so bla tud vedno všeč pa sm kr neki bluzila in se jim upirala, zdej sm pa čist podlegla vsesplošnemu navdušenju nad njimi :) xx

    Kaarlijnx-x: Thank you dear :) xx