The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

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This post is just about...Beeing happy. Being me. I guess I have one of those "life is gooooood tananana" moments. :) 
Waking up in the morning knowing there’s nowhere I have to be for hours... Priceless!Well, I ofically love hollidays.
 Morning hot shower, take-it-easy breakfast, reading blogs, meeting my fab friends, counting days till London,
hearing favorit songs on the radio,watching Breakfast at Tiffany's with big cup of tee, laughing for absolutely no reason
at all with my girls,...  Jap, it's damn true- the simplest things in life can sometimes bring the biggest joy. 

  Once a pon a time John Lennon said: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." 
So, here I am- wasting my time and making memories without making big life plans. Only right, isn't it?

I probably said this before but I'm really, really, really happy to have such a amazing people arond me... 
People I love the most are my biggest everyday inspiration and well,part of me.
Photos for this post are taken by my friend Roxy- jap, that talented girl with long brown hair and pretty style
 from blog Stardust and roses.

wearing: vintage sweater, blouse from H & M, black jeans from Bershka, bag from Vienna

P.s. I'm already dreaming about long summer days and crazy nights out but I guess we need to enjoy this 
cold winter as well. XOXO

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  1. ja majčiii<3 lepo si to napisala,se strinjam!:*

  2. Love everything about this post - the happy text, the john lennon quote, the beautiful photos, & of course the fabulous outfit! So glad you're having a happy time & you look absolutely stunning. Your outfit has the perfect pop of colour & pattern; delightful for winter :)

    <3 Shawna

  3. I absolutely love the heading and the whole post, inspired me a lot! I can have that feeling sometimes myself but truth is, sometimes you need to not have any plans at all and not do anything important in order to be able to enjoy life when it's buissy! x

  4. Great photos, I like your style a lot!


  5. Od glave do pet ful všeč <3 sploh torbica in rutka sta top :)

  6. The pictures are really fantastic!

    I think that you have a great style ;)

    I loved your blog, so I'm following dear!

    Kisses from Portugal*

  7. luškana! :) pa torbica je oh *__*

  8. Alja: hvala srce :*

    Shawna Hynes: Thanky you Shawna for such a pretty coment, really made me smile :) xx

    MissViking: It's nothing better than hearing that your post inpire someone so big, big thanks
    :) I'm glad you like it :) xx
    roosa: Pretty thank you Rosa :) xx

    sparkle*: :) joj ful hvala, me veseli da ti je všeč :) xx

    Rute Pereira: Thank yoz so much Rute! Really means a lot to me that you liked my blog :) I hope you'll love all the posts :) kisses from Slovenia, xx :)

    Mushei: juj hvala, hvala :) xx

  9. I had one of those lazy mornings too, i never want holiday to end :(
    loving your blog & now following you! x

  10. So sweet

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  11. the polka dots and the yellow sweater are great!!!

  12. Alice McGenniss-Destro: I know how you feel, I'm acting like a lazy ass right now and it feels goooood :) And I'm glad you are fallowing now, xx :)

    Joana Sá: Thanks Joana! :) xx

    Montes Y Mills: Pretty thank you, Ilove this combination too :) xx