Dreamland of sky and sand present: a modern Alice lost in her Wonderland collection.

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 One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. 
"Which road do I take?" she asked. "Where do you want to go?" was his response. "I don't know," 
Alice answered. "Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."

Let's fall down the rabbit hole and have some fun! Here are my first 4 dresses from my imaginary spring/ summer 
collection "A modern Alice lost in her Wonderland ". I have to show you much more but step by step...

Dear Alice, I know excatly how you feel- sometimes you're teen feet tall, know it all and next you feel teeny tiny small. 
We change. We grow. We go one way. We stop and change derection...
But most importantly- we just keep going....

Last week I got an amazing book about desing and DIY stuffs. So I decided to make some dreams come true...
I'm dreaming of having my own collection since I was a little girl and now I actually know how. :) 
First I'll start making unique dresses for myself and then...Well, we'll see. If you never try, you'll never know.
Maybe someday my creations will be available in stores. Sounds totaly crazy-I know.
 But hey-keep your fingers crossed for me anyway. :)

The end. Or should I say the begining of my spring/summer collection?
Now go and write your own Wonderland...  

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  1. oo kok kjut oblekice...pohvalno Maja..le tako naprej :)

  2. Luskane kreacije! Good job! :)

  3. Uuu zelo so mi všeč vzorci in barve. Takoj bi se oblekla v tole z modro kiklco in rumeno majčko. :) Držimo pesti zate ;)

  4. What a great photos, they inspire us!
    You have a great blog too:)

    Come and check out our blog too and share your though;)

    H&C from Amsterdam

  5. katera knjiga pa je to bila? :)

  6. Oh I love the concept and the little geometric skirt! SO nice to see the 'story' behind and your sweet draws! I have myself some draws in my blog, I would love you to check them! :)*


  7. those projects have the potential:)

  8. p.s.
    V. knjigca je pa ena slovenska z naslovom Super krojenje :) men je všeč pa dost se da naučit iz nje :)

  9. This looks awsome! The skirts are all gorgeous..
    Kiss Miss Tangerine