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Hello cherries! Long time no see, huh? My life is still full of stress and exams so sorry about the lack of posts... 
I promise I'll write more after all this "college hell". I would post like crazy if I wasn't so busy all the time.
Your lovely coments bring a smile to my face and I'm really happy about every single new fallower :).
Can't wait to share with you all my new outfit photos, favorite songs and other stuffs that inspires me...


They say: "Grab a chance and you won't be sorry for a might-have-been.
Well, if you read my blog a bit longer you know that I'm wisiting really cool drama lessions twice a week...
And you know what? This week I got an invitation from one of the slovenian movie production. 
Obviously is time for my first film audition! Exciting, huh? I actually don't belive that I'll get this role but hey- 
keep your fingers cross anyway! :)

So,  here I am- dreaming about fab life and writing a new post about my favorite movie...
This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story. 
I'm still totally obsessed with 500 days of Summer. I wached it like 100 times. Seriously.
Just can't get enough. All the quotes are pricless and the story is... well, you should watch it! :)
  People change. Feelings change. I guess some people are ment to fall in love with each other...
but not ment to be together.

P.s. You gotta love Zooey Deschanel!! She's soooo damn cute with her big blue eyes and amazing style.

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  1. Definitivno ena izmed mojih najljubših igralk! Obožujem njeno novo serijo new girl! :) Vso srečo na izpitih!

  2. Oh amazing photos! Great post :) I love it :)

  3. oo...glih sm ga gledala na televiziji kšn tedn nazai..res je dobr:) Drugač pa čestitam glede igranja:)srečno!

    XOXO, Nastja

  4. i love this movie so much, they are my fav movie couple till now.

    anyway, loving your outfit, love your bag :)

  5. Zoe: I love it too :) I'm ctually quite obsessed with :)<3

    Ana: Hvala, upam da bo šlo vse po sreči in da nardim v večini :) Drgač pa ja- ona je dbest :) Tud meni ena najljubpih, xx

    Disturbed Style: Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

    Nastja: Joj hvala, bomo vidl kaj bo iz tega :)

    Vonny: Thank you so much! :)*

  6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks like my brother in law hahaha!

  7. Ful lepa objava! :) Všeč mi je tut tvoj styling :) very nice



  8. Marielleheart: hahah wannabe twins! :D

    Carolina: joj hvala, I'm glad you like iz :) xx

  9. i love zooey! shes adorable!


  10. Lovely!

    ...maybe we can follow each others!?

  11. This is such a fantastic film!! xx

  12. Parisienne: Thanks :)xx

    Arden: Agree, it really is :)

  13. ne poznam tega filma, ampk si me čist prepričala da si ga pogledam! =)

  14. Mancina poglej si ga- ti ne bo žal, resres :)

  15. I love her! She is so cute **

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