Inside all of us there is a wild thing.

16:00 Maja 3 Comments

STUDY ( verb )- the act of texting, eating, reading blogs, watching TV with an open book.
Just kidding. :) I actually study quite hard these days because my exams are almost here so well- I have to.
My social life definitely had better days & I'm pretty much in my "fuck this, I'll become a ninja" mood but hey-
  better days are coming soon.

P.s. Just a quick outfit photo from Polyvore. It's not the type of high fashion outfit at all but right now I have my
"mix & grab whatever you finde in your closet" moments...

3 komentarji:

  1. Summer, oh god I miss it :D Gwahaha js tudi gledam tole zadnjo fotko pr men v okvirčku, hvala še enkrat :) pa fotke maš na mejlu čis sm ti pozabla napisat :*

    P.S. fuck this, I'll become a ninja

  2. aneeee! jst toktoktoooook pogrešam poletje. nerealno res! hihi, ni zakej :*
    dakešun maj diva :) :)

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