A girl doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her.

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 It took me about 19 years untill I finally discovered that love isn't complicated. People are...
Once upon a time someone said to me "There is a thine line between love and hate".
Big words. And for a while they actually sounds quite smart & true to me... Well, not anymore.
I think that the opposite of love is not hate. It's apathy. It's not giving a damn.
We all have moments when we can put our sunglasses on with priceless "honey, I don't care" smile.
And we all have moments when we care about some people a lot more than we wanna show. 
And a lot more than we even wanna admit to ourselves. Maybe is safer to hide our feelings and just pretend that we can 
rock the world no matter what? Or maybe we just love our pride more than the person we want to be with? 
Well, the older I get the more I see that if someone really wants you in their life,
they will find a way to put you in... 
Cuz sometimes we put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enoug to break them down.

wearing: leder leggings from Forever 21, fake fur coat from Wallis, pullover from Zara, bag from Vienna

P.s. Last few days were really nostalgic-full of missing the past and some people in it... 
But you know- the past is a good place to visit not to stay.
So I put my new jacket on and grab a cup of coffee with my diva friend Roxy from 
super cute fashion blog  stardust and roses. As they say- drink coffee in good company and do stupid things with more energy. :)

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  1. couldn't agree more...i sure know how does it feel!
    but its time to change everything...and rock the stage!
    love you hun':*

  2. Nice outfit!:)


  3. Torbica je čudovita!!<3 Iz kje pa so gležnarji?

  4. "pofočk" na celoten outfit! :) torbica je super!

  5. Wow tvoja nova jakna mi je zeloooo vsec! Iscem nekaj podobnega samo v crni barvi :)

  6. Ful lepo napisano <3 I laaaav it, u so preeeetty :)

  7. Ljubki pulover. Všeč mi je način kombiniranja. :)

    xoxo, Nina

  8. @ Alja: hvala mučisimo zelozelo draga, we'll rock the stage together <3 :)

    @ HOT CHOCOLATE: hvala! :)

    @ Anonimna: joj hvala, trenutno kr zaseda mesto moje najljubše :) gležnarčki so pa iz Daichmana :)

    @ mimi: ful hvala :)

    @ sandryca: hehe, izposojen citat miss Monroe, mene vedno znova navdahne :)

    @ SHOP STYLE CONQUER: Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

    @ slađi: hvala :) mislm da majo celo isti model tele jaknce tud v črni barvi :)

    @ Roxy: Mučas gracias my diva :)*

    @ Nina: Hvala Nina :)

  9. Gorgeous look, I love everything you're wearing! Especially those boots are amazing!


  10. I love your jacket it is gorgeous :) its lovely xx poppymale.blogspot.com

  11. Thanks you sweety. I love your pictures too, that coat is to die for :)

  12. That coat is just woah! I love it :) xx

  13. wow, you're so beautiful ♥ ! and i love your style!