Homemade cookies.

15:10 Maja 5 Comments

Dear dolls, I’m speechless! Today I baked my first homemade cookies and they are actually pretty cute and delicious.
I can admit that I'm not the best cooker in the world but I really enjoyed and
I think that's the most important. Perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit, don't you think? :)

P.s. In few days my blog will look completely different. I have some new ideas in my head so stay tuned!


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  1. Oooo, lepi <3 js sm tut včeraj pekla piškote :P sicer ne zgledajo tako lepo kot tvoji, so pa baje odlični :D

    Vesele praznike <3

  2. ja miškicaaa,kok pa lepi! naši so pa še v pečici:p
    komi čakam novo podobo bloga:))