Life's a catwalk.

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The only problem with reality? There's no background music. Sounds funny but past few days I have been feeling like my life is turning into ironic Woody Allen movie. And you know what? I started to like that. We're young and wild and free. I'm so happy that I got my "I have my middle finger up, I don't really give a fuck" attitude back. Powerful feeling, very powerful. Like nothing can't stop me right now. By by emotional pussy thoughts, I'm ready to be myself again. Que sera sera whatever will be will be. :)

It's true- I still have my sicret wishes that everything will be like I wanted to be but now I'm much more comfortable with fact that life You never know what will happend and that's the point. It would be really boring if  I could see my future. Actually, I don't want to know with whom I'll spend my life or how many jobs I'll change.

But I'll stop with my messy, thrilling life...I have more interesting things to share with you dolls :).
I attended a fashion show by Simona Lampe and all I can say is that collection is amazing. Big like for all pices, models and organizations. I enjoyed the show. And afkors big thanks to the one and only- Roxy (cheek out her Stardust and roses ) for invitation and top night. Eating sushi and drinking champagne with style made my Thursday night even better.

Catwalk pictures are from Simona Lampe Facebook page (

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