Fashion mess and Mr. Tommy Hilfiger.

12:20 Maja 4 Comments

Back to life, back to reality. Or I can just say "back from a fantasy"?

  Hello guys! I spent 5 most amazeing days in Vienna, but here I am again- writing my blog :). Onestly, my room is a fashion mess right now but I even don't care... I like my shoes and clothes right there wher I can see it... All over my bed and tabel :).

In Vienna I was enjoying sweet escape- hollydays with my two friends. That means delicious breakfasts in ouer hotel, chill out coffies, hanging and awesome shopping. What more can I wish? 

I really needed time for myself far away from Ljubljana. "Somwhere over the rainbow". I love my city sooo much but you know how it goes... Sometimes you just need to go away. 

Today's outfit was very simple. White balzer & casual shirt with blue shorts and my small orange bag. Nothing special but I love simple elegance. 
P.s. Did I mention that I found my new lover? No? Sooo...Tommy Hilfifer is his name. :) Haha just joking. But I truly fall in love with this cute Hilfiger shoes.

4 komentarji:

  1. Kjut kjut kjut!! :) Ti kr piš več da bom mela js kej pametnga za prebirat ;) drgač pa ful lušni čevlčki in jaaaaa Dunaj <3 I wanna go back!

  2. Juj, hvala! Bom bom :)* Jaaa ane! Tok je lepo tm, jst sm bla vsak dan znova nvdušena :)

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