500 days of Summer.

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Big white coffee,smile on my face, easy spirit... Hell yes- it is time for my favorite movie... 500 days of Summer <3.

This quote is...so demnnnn true.Don't you think? 
Yeah I know, my blog is a fashion blog at first but I feel I will writte about random things in future a lot. That's me.

P.s. Look what I got from my super hero friend Eva! Special unique errings. Soooo pretty <3!Thank you girl, you made my week! :)

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  1. Just have to say how much I love this film.
    Cheesy I know, but I have a tattoo of the quote from the song she had under her picture in the year book.
    The quote rang true for me so I just had to... "Colour my life with the chaos of trouble" xx

  2. This one's the new classic! I love it so much.