Girl next door.

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Did you ever asked yourself what do you really really really want in your life? Did you ever asked yourself who you actually are? I do that. Often. Sometimes I just finde myself thinking of what the hell I truly want. I have those chill-out-girl-next-door days when everything seems to be  perfect and others...A big drama queen moments. 
Moments when I wish I could turn back time. But you know what I learned? If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right , you'll probably never do much of anything... So here I am with my first blog stayling and my hopes. I decided to try...Try living my dreams. Everyday :). With my friend Tesa (she is also a very good fashion bloger and my inspiration with her Magnifique) we did a little photoshoot today. It was so much fun and all I can say is- thank you a lot girl!!! 
Vintage stuffs and red lips.
Cheek out the photos and tell me what do you think...


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  1. yup, definitely ask myself those questions all the time.. a Blog is a great place to explore that side of you! I love the outfit you have goin' on!

  2. ooo luštna objavica, luštna jakna, luštke fotke:)

  3. hvala punce :* drugače pa ja- vintage jaknca je:)

  4. Oh, I want to steal your jacket! :O

  5. :) edn mojih najljubših kosov :)